New Stage of Biswap & BetFury Collaboration — Bright Utility for BSW Holders!

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A new phase of a prominent collaboration with BetFury — a leading i-gaming platform with daily payouts. It’s your unique chance to share the $3 000 Prize Pool.

Cryptos BSW Battle for $3 000!

Due to the vivid collaboration with BetFury — the battle with BSW token will be for only 3 days in the new In-house game Cryptos.

Prize Pool: $3 000

Duration: 10.08.21 – 13.08.21

Eligible token: BSW


The new In-house game Cryptos of BetFury with the BSW symbol is available here:


Biswap enlarges opportunities for BSW holders — you may use your BSW tokens to take part in Cryptos BSW Battle. You can win by choosing a lucky combination to participate and be one of 100 users who will share a mighty $3000 Prize Pool.

Biswap allocates $3 000 in BSW for Cryptos BSW Battle which will be shared in BTC among lucky participants. The winner who conquers 1st place in the winner’s rank will get 50% of the Prize Pool.

It means that potent rewards are split among users with the biggest profit as follows:

🥇1st place — $1 500
🥈2–100 places— $1 500 for all in % correlation

👇Read more about rules and participation here:

Read the article and recall the vivid start of the powerful collaboration with BetFury:

BSW utilities grow further to bring you more interesting and lucrative opportunities to maximize your income!

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