Railgun Brings Private Interoperability to DeFi

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Michael Burgess

Aug 5 · 2 min read

Ren is excited to announce that Railgun now supports renBTC and renZEC. This allows users to take advantage of Railgun’s privacy attributes and combine it with interoperability, marking an important milestone in the blockchain ecosystem; private interoperability.

Railgun is a smart contract system providing privacy to cryptocurrency and DeFi users via Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZK-SNARK) technology. By using Railgun your wallet addresses will be removed from your actions and transactions, on Blockchains where that information was previously public. Railgun users will enjoy privacy when trading, using leverage platforms and adding liquidity with Decentralized Applications (dApps).

Using Railgun

  1. Bridge BTC or ZEC to Ethereum via RenBridge: https://bridge.renproject.io/

SushiSwap Pairs | $renBTC <> $RAIL & $renZEC <> $RAIL

Further, two pools for $renBTC and $renZEC <> $RAIL have been set up on Uniswap & Sushiswap, allowing users to:
1) Provide $renBTC and/or $renZEC liquidity and earn fees for doing so.
2) Trade in and out of these assets as needed.

The pools can be found below:
RAIL/renBTC — Uniswap

RAIL/renZEC — Uniswap

RAIL/renBTC — Sushiswap


Looking forward | Native RenVM integration via RenJS

The collaboration with Railgun will continue to be fruitful for both communities by helping to expand each other’s networks and bring interoperability & privacy features to both ecosystems. The Railgun community will also be exploring RenJS to enable native deposits into their ecosystem. The communities will have separate announcements as they go live, so stay tuned for more.

Onwards and upwards,
— Ren Team

About Railgun

RAILGUN is the new standard in privacy and anonymity for the Ethereum ecosystem. Implemented on-chain, directly on Ethereum, RAILGUN has put to rest all speculation about the lack of feasibility in implementing strong privacy and anonymity features, directly on-chain. RAILGUN is a smart contract system that allows users to make invisible, trustless transfers; and allows users to interact with any DeFi apps without revealing their Ethereum address, strategies, or balances.

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