Pera Joins the Beefy x ApeSwap Partnership

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We’re happy to announce that we’re now part of the jungle!

It’s the #BeefBANANA action-packed week for the two long-standing projects, ApeSwap and Beefy Finance. Originating from the Binance Smart Chain, the two projects which go long back, recently teamed up to bring loads of activities to the community.

We couldn’t be happier to strengthen our recent partnership with ApeSwap by boosting a $BANANA vault on Beefy Finance.

Furthermore, PERA will get it’s very own vault at Beefy Finance, which will farm Pera’s own $PERA/$BNB.

About Beefy Finance and ApeSwap

Beefy Finance is a decentralized, multi-chain yield optimizer platform that allows its users to earn compound interest on their crypto holdings. Beefy allows you to choose from a lot of farms, automating and optimizing different investment strategies in the background while you get on with your day — making it extremely simple to benefit from the upside of complex farming strategies.

ApeSwap on the other hand is a leading decentralized exchange on the Binance Smart Chain network is focused on offering a premier trading experience with a team that is incredibly passionate about staying committed to the DeFi community and proving to be the cutting edge of DeFi innovation.


About the Partnership

By boosting the vault, the Apeswap community will have noticeably increased APR, to enjoy a higher yield as well as earn $PERA tokens! And this isn’t all Pera is doing with the ApeSwap community, so stick around to our socials to find out what’s coming next.

PERA will get its very own vault at Beefy Finance. This vault will farm PERA’s own PERA/BNB farm at Vault participants will enjoy higher yields because their APR will turn into APY with auto-compounding.

Not only does working with Beefy provide a seal of approval from one of the three most valuable builder projects on BSC as voted by Binance but Beefy Finance also hosts 1.5 million unique visitors a month, with 160,000 followers on Twitter and 20,000 Telegram users.

There’s more…

In addition to the massive awareness PERA will get from Beefy’s large community, this partnership is a huge step for PERA with the validation from Beefy as a secure and legit project in the DeFi space.

PERA is delighted to work with such high-calibered partners and we look forward to taking a step ahead into DeFi 2.0!

About Pera Finance

Pera Finance is a platform where traders, liquidity providers, holders, and stakers can yield-farm together. With DeFi’s first decentralized trading competition, Pera Finance aims to be DeFi’s most sustainable and profitable yield farming protocol.

Pera Finance is a new type of trading and yield farming protocol, designed to secure long-term trading volume and liquidity utilization for the whole DeFi ecosystem. Pera Finance offers decentralized and customizable trading competitions to DeFi space and includes traders to the yield farming space for the first time, what we call DeFi 2.0!

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