Harvest: July 2021 Recap

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July 2021 was full of new integrations, friendships, and collaborations.

Dear Farmers,

July 2021 has been full of tears of joy and happiness for all the hard work of our community of builders, farmers, and collaborators.

We want to thank everyone who put their time and heart into Harvest to help it grow into what it has become today. Without further ado, let’s recap the events to be excited about in July!


  1. Coinbase.com & Coinbase Pro Listing
  2. The Launch of V2
  3. Polygon Integration
  4. Binance Smart Chain Relaunch
  5. Successful $UST Vault
  6. $FOX Vault
  7. EthCC Recap
  8. Bancor ft. Harvest
  9. Collaboration with Balancer
  10. AmpliFARM
  11. Celebrating 50,000 Followers on Twitter
  12. FARM Emissions Updates
  13. $LQTY Staking Vault
  14. Publish0x Contest Results

1. Coinbase.com & Coinbase Pro Listing

July 26 — Coinbase Pro announces inbound transfers for $FARM. Two days later, on July 29, $FARM deposits and liquidity criteria have been met, and $FARM makes it to Coinbase Pro in two stages.

  • First stage — order books enter post-only mode
  • Second stage — order books enter limit-only mode
  • The full trading mode hasn’t been enabled yet

July 30 — Coinbase.com officially announces that $FARM is now available across its main platform, including iOS and Android Apps.


Details: Medium Announcement | Twitter Announcement

2. V2

July 12 — Harvest enters V2 — an era that introduces changes to the platform’s design, improved UX/UI that enables launching more vaults across different chains.

The launch of V2 was the spark for the events that followed in July 2021. Our community was ecstatic and strongly supported the newly released changes and updates.

Harvest aims to become a one-stop shop and a one-click solution for yield farming, and this update helps us to achieve this goal faster.

Details: Medium Announcement| Twitter Announcement

3. Polygon Integration

Harvest integrated with Polygon on July 20, 2021. However, it wasn’t until July 26 when Polygon officially spread the word about the integration through their main marketing channels with a huge blast.

Polygon Co-Founder also helped spread the word from his personal account, which he rarely does for projects that integrate with Polygon.

Details: Twitter announcement | Medium announcement

4. Binance Smart Chain Relaunch

In collaboration with the Binance Smart Chain team, we launched a marketing campaign across the media about Harvest’s presence on #BSC.

Highlighting the benefits and statistics, the campaign has brought new activity to Harvest and engagement across Twitter and BSC media outlets.

More details: Medium

5. $UST Vault is a Success

July 15 - Harvest deploys the $UST-$UST stablecoin to enhance the liquidity of Terra’s $UST. On top of that, the vault receives $LUNA rewards!

With over $2.5M in deposits today, the launch of the $UST was a big success that buzzed among DeFi communities.

What’s more, to the surprise of many, our Uniswap V3 $UST pool has surpassed Curve Finance at the time!

Details: Twitter announcement | Medium announcement

6. $FOX Vault — Supporting Shapeshift’s Mission

July 22 - Excited by the recent decision to decentralize Shapeshift, we decided to support $FOX on a journey by launching the $FOX vault.

We were also excited to see Erik Voorhees tuning in!

Details: Medium Announcement| Twitter Announcement

7. Harvest at EthCC

On July 20, Harvest’s best men were sent to the Ethereum community Conference to spread the good word of Harvest among the big brains of DeFi.

A ton of new exciting friendships and partnerships were made that week!

We also co-hosted a networking event with APWine on a rooftop bar with a beautiful view overlooking Paris and Eiffel’s Tower.

We’ve also met our friends at YAP global in person!

8. Bancor ft. Harvest

Earlier this month, the Bancor DAO passed two votes in favor of $FARM.

Currently, Bancor is working towards capturing the $FARMs Buyback Mechanism that should bring guaranteed liquidity for their Liquidity Providers.

To tighten our cooperation, we’ve launched a detailed guide on how to get your feet wet with the $FARM liquidity provision on Bancor and help their mission.

Details: Tutorial

9. Collaboration with Balancer

July 14 — Harvest launched 5 new vaults in collaboration with Balancer. Given the unique mechanics of Balancer vaults, it wasn’t such an easy task.

I am really excited about the Harvest integration of Balancer V2. Harvest has done a great job at being a one-stop-shop for liquidity providers across most of DeFi asset allocation opportunities. — Fernando, Balancer Founder

Details: Twitter announcement | Medium announcement

10. AmpliFARM

July 14 — Harvest releases its new product called Boost, accompanied by the new token ampliFARM.

Instead of bFARM (the version of the FARM token on Binance Smart Chain), Harvest will be handing out ampliFARM on selected vaults such as $BELT / $ICE — $BNB with more around the corner.

Details: Twitter announcement | Medium announcement

11. Celebrating 50,000 Twitter Followers

July 16 — Harvest’s Twitter account reaches 50,000 followers. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for every single one of you.

A huge, huge thank you to everyone!

Details: Twitter announcement

12. Emissions Updates

Starting this month, Harvest releases a detailed breakdown of $FARM emissions so that farmers and community members can track any changes.

13. $LQTY Staking Vault

July 23 — This date marks an interesting story on how Harvest launched a $LQTY Vault proposed by one of Harvest’s community members, georgeroman.

Harvest's humble builders quickly responded to it, provided feedback, and ran a few tests. Five days later, the strategy was live on harvest.finance delivering fresh yields to farmers.

Details: Twitter announcement | Medium announcement

14. Publish0x Contest Results

July 13 — We are excited to see our community across the world! Our contest titled #HumbleFarmer was a success with nearly 50 submissions!

See all the amazing submissions in our Publish0x post here.


July 2021 was full of joy, tears of happiness, and hard work! Kudos to everyone for helping the Harvest commune 👩‍🌾👨‍🌾

Harvest Team 🚜

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