Get real Orca stickers! (Calling all Orca Collectible holders )

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A warm hello to all our long-time supporters — that’s our Orca Collectible holders! 😉 We have some surprise deep-sea treasure to thank you for being a part of our community!

Introducing… Orca’s Collectible Sticker Pack #1! These real-world, high-quality stickers are free to claim if you meet the requirements, but there’s only 500 to go around. So swim on over and tell your friends!

What is a Collectible Sticker Pack?

A physical sticker pack starring our friendly Collectibles, shipped directly to you — anywhere in the world! It includes all Collectibles to date (GUPPY, WHALE, KILLER WHALE, CLOWNFISH, and STARFISH), plus the Orca logo.

WHALE and KILLER WHALE holders will be eligible for a special Shiny Pack, which includes an exclusive shiny sticker of the Orca logo! ✨

Swimming in style in Brooklyn.

I want one! How do I get it?

  1. Navigate to and connect the wallet holding your eligible Collectibles.
  2. If you held a STARFISH, GUPPY, CLOWNFISH, WHALE, or KILLER WHALE in your wallet on Tuesday, July 27, 2021 at 05:15 UTC, you’ll be eligible to redeem a pack!
  3. Input your shipping address, claim your pack on the Sticker Portal, and it’ll be on its way within the next few weeks. (Note that we can’t update shipping addresses once they are entered, so be careful!)
  4. The Sticker Portal will be open for 1 week from July 27th 18:00 UTC to August 3rd 18:00 UTC, with up to 500 limited-edition Orca Sticker Packs available to claim. Depending on the Collectible you hold, you’ll get a:
    Standard pack (GUPPY/CLOWNFISH/STARFISH holders)
    Shiny pack (WHALE/KILLER WHALE holders)
  5. Share a video or picture of your claimed sticker pack status on Twitter with the tags @orca_so and #OrcaCollectible, and you just might be the recipient of a few STARFISH 💛
  6. When you receive your sticker pack, show us pictures of where in the world your marine critters have traveled! Tweet at us with the tag #OrcaCollectible, and you might be in for a few more STARFISH! 😉

What if I hold my Orca Collectibles in a wallet other than Sollet or Phantom?

Don’t panic! You can set up a Sollet or Phantom wallet with the same address by exporting your private key, which will then be eligible to claim the pack. To do so:

  1. Go to settings and click Export Private Key.
  2. When making either a Sollet or Phantom wallet, click Restore Existing Wallet.
  3. Enter the exported private key, and you should see your Collectibles!

(And don’t worry, we’ve heard your feedback — expect additional wallet options to be added in the near future!)

What else should I be on the lookout for?

  • Join our Discord to earn STARFISH by becoming an integral part of our community. Our pod leaders send them on occasion for helping other community members out, and we’ll occasionally have contests/requests through which you can earn more.
  • We have more sweet unlocks using your Orca Collectibles!
  • If you missed it, turn on notifications for our Twitter account, and keep an eye out 😉

The nitty-gritty technical details

How does Orca handle my personal information and protect my privacy?
We base58-encode the shipping address you enter in the browser and send it to our servers and database via HTTPS using Transport Layer Security (TLS). This means that the data is fully encrypted while it is sent across the internet; only your computer and our backend can read the data. Our servers then store the shipping address in a dedicated MongoDB Atlas cluster, which encrypts the data at rest using encrypted storage volumes.

How does Orca verify ownership of my collectibles?
We took a snapshot of all wallets holding Collectibles on Tuesday, July 27, 2021 at 05:15 UTC. This information is publicly available on the Solana blockchain, and anyone can verify this information by calling the getProgramAccounts method with Solana’s JSON RPC or Web3.js SDK.

To claim a sticker pack, you’ll sign a message using your private key, just as you’d sign any transaction on the Solana blockchain. This message signature can only be created by your private key. Anyone can verify the signature by using the associated wallet address (public key). This signature is sent as part of the request to claim the sticker pack for your wallet. Our server will reject any attempts to claim a sticker pack without a valid signature.

Give me more technical details!
The message that you sign resembles the following:

message = hash(secret_string + wallet_public_key)

Both our client and server know how to construct this message. Our server reconstructs the message on the backend and uses the signature provided in the request to verify that the signature is valid.

To learn more, refer to the following documentation about signing messages using Sollet or Phantom.

For any further questions, feel free to pop into the #support channel on the Orca Discord!

Thank you for helping make Orca the thriving marine community that it is today. Don’t forget to tweet at us using #OrcaCollectible — we can’t wait to see where these stickers surface around the globe! 🌎

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