Community Commentaries 7/22/21

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Welcome back to our latest community commentaries! The BDP team has been hard at work getting our name out on Crypto Twitter, pushing forward our products, and launching new datasets every week.


ICYMI, here’s a recap of our marketing over the last few weeks:

◾ Jun 22: Podcast & Twitter Space Discussion with Alex Cutler of @_Disrupting (over 140,000 followers)

◾ Jul 8: Crypto N Coffee Clubhouse panel


We continue to drop IDOs on a steady weekly cadence — sourcing and publishing datasets from VandaTrack, Revelio Labs & Instars— while building new partnerships. We continue to build on our platform and products.

Check them out here:


Blockchain Workforce Composition by Industry Vertical — Revelio Labs

Altcoin Breaking News & Regulatory Actions

AAVE Twitter Sentiment Analysis

Philippines Consumer Transactions


  • AnySwap migration to Binance Smart Chain in progress
  • Various bug fixes to Data Market
  • Upgrades to tech back-end stack

General & Business Development

  • Marketing efforts to develop new data partners
  • Partnership announcement with Instars
  • Updates to marketing tools & operations management
  • Community initiatives underway

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