This Week: Vesper Lend and Aggressive DAI Pools Launch in Beta

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Jul 23 · 3 min read

Introducing Vesper Lend Beta

Vesper introduced Vesper Lend in beta as a Rari Fuse pool governed by vVSP holders. These holders are responsible for whitelisting new assets and managing collateral ratios. Users can take out loans against vVSP at 60% loan-to-value (LTV) — higher than the up-to-25% LTV offered by third-party lending markets.

Vesper Lend also acts as a “launchpad” for introducing new tokens to the Vesper ecosystem. Emerging ERC20s suffer from the chicken-and-egg problem with integration into the broader DeFi-verse: it’s easier to list tokens that are already listed elsewhere. Vesper Lend breaks this feedback loop: upcoming tokens the community is passionate about can be whitelisted to our lending market, and from there a yield earning strategy can be harnessed (and packed into a Vesper pool).

Vesper Lend currently supports VSP, vVSP, and VUSD plus WBTC, ETH, DAI, and USDC.

Aggressive DAI Pool Enters Beta

Vesper’s first aggressive pool has officially entered beta. Up until now, all Vesper Grow pools have intentionally been designed with a conservative framework. Aggressive pools offer higher yield pool opportunities for those with greater risk tolerance.

There are three notable differences with Vesper’s aggressive pools. They:

  • Employ lower collateralization ratios;
  • Could have greater exposure to price swings that may trigger liquidations events; and
  • And may interact with newer contracts and/or less audited code.

This is an exciting development, as aggressive strategies with higher yield opportunities are one of the most community-requested additions to the ecosystem. With a wide range of products that employ varying degrees of risk, this enables Vesper to appeal to a broader user base.


As always, this new contract has been externally audited twice prior to launching on beta, and will be rigorously tested before being added to the main platform. Assuming the beta period deemed a success, it will allow Vesper to easily create aggressive pools for the other current listed assets (ETH, WBTC, LINK), since DAI loans from Maker can be routed through this new pool.

AWS Blockchain & DeFi Roundtable

Here, they will talk with AWS’s startup ecosystem about what it takes to build and grow powerful DeFi platforms.

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Jordan Kruger at Chainlink Smart Contract Summit

During the session, Jordan will offer a look into how Vesper is charting the path for DeFi’s success globally by combining the power of community, professionalization, and collaboration.

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Insight of the Week — Beta pools on Dune Analytics

Looking at the vaDAI pool, for example, there are approximately 12,152 DAI in the pool as of this publishing.

For more insights on these three beta pools, visit Vesper’s Dune Analytics page.

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Vespernauts Michael, Mikey, Simon_DeFi, Shazi_H, rinnynp, and Green Jeff, contributed to this report. Edited by Phil Gomes.

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