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Harvest Adds Vault for $FOX — $ETH Pool on Uniswap V2

Dear Farmers!

Thrilled by the recent Shapeshift announcement to decentralize their entity, we decided to support their mission by adding a vault that includes the $FOX token.

Starting today, our farmers get to enjoy a new vault that leverages the following Uniswap V2 Pool: $FOX — $ETH

The details of the FOX Vault:

  • Earning trading fees
  • Auto-harvesting $FOX*
  • $iFARM Rewards

*Given the high amount of FOX rewards coming to the Uniswap pool, the vault will be in a full buyback mode. In other words, to protect users from high inflation of the reward token, all rewards will be currently claimable in the $iFARM token.


FOX Vault behind the curtains:

  1. Receives $FOX rewards
  2. Sells $FOX to buy $iFARM
  3. Distributes $iFARM

What to expect from participating in FOX Vault

  • Earn your share of the $10M+ in $FOX distributed over the next 3 months
  • All rewards are claimable as iFARM to protect you from FOX inflation

Harvest will carefully watch how the situation around the novel $FOX token develops and explore more opportunities if such arise.


Read more about Shapeshift’s mission here

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