Earn Up To 64.08% APR in rUSD Savings Vault on Ramp V2

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Jul 21 · 2 min read

We are excited to announce that the rUSD Savings vault is now live on RAMP V2 in Binance Smart Chain!

RAMPers can earn RAMP rewards by staking rUSD on Ramp V2 at APR up to 64.08% (At the time of writing). This is the first single-asset stablecoin vault on BSC and it will be for rUSD single asset staking only. The rUSD vault acts similar to a savings account that rewards rUSD holders consistently over time.

Where to Get rUSD?

You can purchase rUSD directly from PancakeSwap;


Deposit collateral assets (such as RAMP, CAKE, BNB, LP tokens) and borrow rUSD using these assets. The full list of available assets to deposit can be found on RAMP V2.

Note that the APR provided is dynamic and subjected to the amount of rUSD deposited into the vault.


Learn more about rUSD here.


rUSD in Binance Smart Chain


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