Rabbit Finance & Biswap Collaboration — Swap, Farm, Stake with RABBIT!

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Meet the distinguishing Rabbit Finance and Biswap partnership!

Both Biswap and Rabbit Finance are prominent projects based on the Binance Smart Chain network. Such a collaboration is a significant expansion of high-income opportunities for everyone.

Hop into the high-yields with Biswap & Rabbit Finance to harvest the best crypto prizes!

Why Rabbit Finance?

Rabbit Finance is a cross-chain leveraged lending protocol, allowing users to multiply their funds up to 9x.

The main mission of Rabbit Finance is to improve the utilization of deposit users’ funds.


Get sheer leveraged yield farming pleasure with Rabbit Finance! 🐰

RABBIT is Listed on Biswap — Farm RABBIT-BUSD with Top APR!

Due to the prosperous collaboration with Rabbit Finance, Biswap has officially listed RABBIT in the approved token list.


It means that RABBIT-BUSD farming pair is available for Biswappers with plenty of beneficial opportunities.

You may get passive BSW income by staking RABBIT-BUSD-LP on Biswap Farms:

⚡️ Swap RABBIT tokens
⚡️ Add liquidity to the Liquidity pool
⚡️ Earn powerful BSW with high APR!

Time to bring your RABBIT tokens on Biswap Farms!

RABBIT Launchpool on Biswap — Stake & Earn Daily!

Launchpools expansion — profitable upgrade for BSW holders on Biswap!

From now on, three RABBIT Launchpools are activated with different sums of the max staking. That was done to increase the APR percentage and let Biswappers stake BSW multiplying their RABBIT funds with lucrative APR:

1.RABBIT Launchpool with an unlimited max stake per user
2.RABBIT Launchpool with a max stake of 500 BSW per user
3.RABBIT Launchpool with a max stake of 10 BSW per user

Fill Launchpools with worthwhile BSW and maximize your income!

BSW Pool in the Garden on Rabbit Finance

Rabbit Finance has launched BSW Pool in the Garden, which allows users to earn great BSW.


In Rabbit Garden, holders of CARROT and BUSD provide liquidity to get LP tokens, then stake LP to get BSW reward.

Stock up with revenue BSW & RABBIT tokens to make the maximum profit bounty!

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