NEW — Aggressive DAI Pool Enters Beta

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Today, the first Vesper aggressive pool, “vaDAI” is now available on

Vesper Finance

Jul 19 · 1 min read

This aggressive DAI pool represents Vesper’s first foray into more adventurous, higher-yield pool opportunities. The vaDAI pool routes through Curve and Yearn. You can find vaDAI on the Vesperdev site.

Given the modular nature of Vesper tools, an aggressive DAI pool can similarly enable the introduction of aggressive ETH, LINK, and WBTC pools that take out DAI loans from Maker and route through vaDAI.

In general, aggressive pools differ from their conservative counterparts in the following ways:

  • They employ lower collateralization ratios;
  • They could have greater exposure to dramatic price swings that could trigger liquidation events; and/or
  • They may also interact with newer contracts or less audited code.

Regardless, aggressive pools and strategies are built with the same ethos as conservative ones, and thus adhere to the same rigorous testing and auditing that all Vesper products go through.

Curious about Vesper lending strategies or have your own ideas for aggressive yield sources? Make sure to join the conversation in the DeFi Lending Strategies channel.

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