This Week: Revenue Model Proposal, VSP Lending Markets, and More

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Also: Jordan Kruger and Jeff Garzik to talk DeFi at AWS roundtable, and a Blockforce update in Discord

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Jul 16 · 3 min read

Exploring Revenue Model Updates

Per the recent Discord announcement, a kick-off to “Revenue model v2” will be led through a proposal by Vesper Brewing Company.

The proposal will outline a minor upgrade to Vesper’s revenue model, which reflects the addition of a spillover expenses account to fund activities such as deploying new contracts and rebalancing pools. This is a small account with a maximum threshold. When the maximum threshold is reached, remaining revenue spills back into the revenue splitter and is divided 95/5 between vVSP and developers as it currently operates.

Join the conversation in Vesper’s Discord Finance channel to share feedback on the spillover account and additional updates as we ramp up discussion on v2.

Yield Opportunities for VSP and vVSP

CREAM Collateral Ratios

The Vesper Case for CREAM was published in April, with a formal proposal to add VSP and vVSP as collateral assets on the CREAM platform. Voting passed unanimously, and Vesper’s two native tokens were added to the platform.

This week, the CREAM listing community voted for mass updates to both collateral factors and collateral caps, increasing Vesper’s from 0% to 25%. With these increases completed, VSP holders can now seek added utility by utilizing their tokens as collateral. Those using vVSP collateral will continue to share Vesper revenue.

This also establishes the opportunity for new Vesper pools (a vVSP pool, perhaps?) — ultimately leading to greater potential yield for the community.


Vesper Lending Platform to Launch on Rari

Rari Capital offers a product called “Fuse,” which represents isolated lending pools governed by third-party groups, who are responsible for whitelisting tokens and setting rates for collateral and liquidation. On July 12, an on-chain vote passed that a new Fuse pool will be created with the following assets: ETH, WBTC, USDC, DAI, VUSD, VSP, vVSP and MET.

Among other benefits, this delivers a dedicated lending market, which enables Vesper to be much more aggressive in creating new pools. This is because tokens can be whitelisted for the purpose of building out strategies around their inclusion in the pool.

The Vesper DAO governs the pool via vVSP governance, and as such, vVSP holders are responsible for updating collateral ratios and whitelisting new tokens to the pool.

Blockforce Update

Eric Ervin of Blockforce Capital delivered this update in the Vesper Discord:

[I]n the spirit of of partnership, if we were to launch tomorrow, this would be our target allocation in the fund. I will attempt to update you all here as we get closer to launch.

These will all be purchased on the open market then deposited into pools. Why VSP you ask…because it is undervalued relative to the future value as more and more assets come into the protocol. The others are for diversification.

Source: Vesper Discord, User @eervin

AWS Blockchain & DeFi Roundtable

Vesper Co-founders Jordan Kruger and Jeff Garzik will join CasperLabs on Wednesday, July 28, for a virtual roundtable hosted by Amazon Web Services. The discussion will focus on the major trends, use cases, and future opportunities surrounding blockchain and DeFi technologies.

Learn more about the event and sign up.

Odds & Ends

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