Non-Fungible Apes: Utilities and Auction

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Official Utilities Announcement and Plans for our Upcoming Auctions

Hey Apes, thank you for your continued patience regarding the NFA utility announcement. As you may have noticed we have been extremely careful to not make any concrete announcements and have extended the timeline on updating you a few times. With how much momentum the NFA project has caught, we felt it made the most sense to take the proper amount of time to ensure we handled this initiative with the utmost care. So without further adieu, we’re very excited to officially share details on our utility plans!

Partner Utilities 🤝

We are working with our fantastic partners in the ApeSwap Jungle to create an exclusive ecosystem of utilities for all of our holders, turning your NFAs into “keys” that can be used to unlock special NFA-only capabilities across our partner platforms. The goal of these partnerships is to develop a consistent stream of new experiences and perks across our partner ecosystem, essentially an exclusive ApeSwap club for NFA holders. These experiences will take different forms, such as exclusive access to staking opportunities, games, and much more.

To kick things off, we are super excited to announce that we are partnering with Mobox to offer special access to their “Token Master” game using NFAs. Just for holding one or more NFAs in your wallet, you’ll be given exclusive access to ApeSwap Momos that represent your NFA in game. Learn more about TokenMaster and how to play here!

NFA Auctions as Utility 👨‍⚖️

We are ecstatic to officially announce the opening of the ApeSwap NFA Auction House, which will go live by the end of July! We’ll be kicking things off by auctioning the 46 remaining NFAs one at a time, each auction lasting at least 12 hours. There are a few key things to note regarding the auction process, as we are adding a bit of a twist:

  • Auctions for the final 46 NFAs will be held in BNB, where 50% of generated profits will get redistributed to NFA holders through NFA staking pools.
  • As we get closer to the end of an individual auction, each additional bid will add 30 minutes to the countdown, preventing anyone from “sniping” bids from each other and ensuring everyone has a fair shot at bidding.
  • Auctions will immediately follow each other, i.e. when one auction ends, the next will immediately begin until all NFAs have been auctioned. Make sure you stay up to date and keep up with the auctions! We plan on making continued announcements for the rarest apes.
  • The last NFA to be auctioned will be 1/1000 Colossal Ape, the rarest of all NFAs

Once all 46 remaining NFAs have been auctioned, the NFA Auction House will become available to all users on a first come first serve basis, allowing anyone to create an auction for their NFA on ApeSwap for a fee. A percentage of generated profits from user auctions will be redistributed to NFA holders, and a percentage will go to ApeSwap’s treasury to support ongoing development and growth. All generated profit-share from the ApeSwap Auction House will be distributed through exclusive NFA Staking pools on ApeSwap. We will be hosting a poll in the NFA Telegram group to determine the best fee structure.

Continued Partner Airdrops 💰

While we are working with partners on extended utility and releasing our in-site auction house, we have no intention of slowing down our NFA holder airdrops! So far, 7 airdrops have been completed, totaling $105,000 distributed. 🤯 And there is no plan of stopping anytime soon, we even already have another $10,000 airdrop planned with Mogul Productions. We’ll also continue to integrate NFAs in different ways on ApeSwap, ensuring you can continue showing off your NFA across the ApeSwap suite of products.


Thank you all for believing in ApeSwap and NFAs. We are excited about all of our upcoming partner utilities and are over the moon to have officially announced the ApeSwap Auction House. Thanks for sticking with us as we look forward to the future. 🚀

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