Exclusive Trading Competition on Biswap — Compete for $10 000 in BSW Share!

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Challenge yourself and battle for $10 000 in BSW share!

Exclusive Trading Competition is launched on Biswap — gain trading momentum and increase BSW rewards! Pave your way to the victory with win-win BNB, BTCB, and ETH tokens!

Total prize pool: $10 000 in BSW

Start: 10/07/2021 ( 13:00 UTC PM)

End: 17/07/2021 (13:00 UTC PM)

Eligible trading tokens: BNB, BTCB, ETH


Eligibility: users that have had at least one trade with BNB, BTCB, and ETH tokens during the competition period.

Active trading pairs: all exchanges (including sells and purchases) with BNB, BTCB, and ETH tokens.

❗️ If your trade goes through the Route which includes BNB, BTCB, or ETH, then such trade will be also added to your Trading Volume of the competition.

👇Act and establish a new victory on Exclusive Trading Competition!

🏆Competition A: $9 000 In BSW — Prize Fund For The Most Competitive Biswappers!

Surprise the DeFi world with the highest trading volume on Biswap!

During Exclusive Trading Competition on Biswap, your rate is determined by the BNB, BTCB, and ETH trading volume (including both sells & buys) reached for the battle period.

A total of 500 the most competitive traders will split $9 000 in BSW.

There are 3 leading static places and 497 places displayed in the percent correlation in Trading Ranking List on Biswap.

The reward is distributed among the 500 winners in the following way:

🥇1st place — $1 500 in BSW
🥈2nd place — $900 in BSW
🥉3rd place — $600 in BSW
🏅4–500 places — $6 000 in BSW for all in % correlation

Empower with every swap and win Exclusive Trading Competition on Biswap!

🏆Competition B: $1 000 in BSW Share — Become The Winner Twice!

Nothing can stop you from reaching victory — trade and fight for the lucky places! There are certain places in the winners’ table for the additional $1 000 in BSW reward that will be shared among 20 random users.

If you find yourself in one of these ranking places below, you will get an additional $50 in BSW bonus to your BEP-20 wallet!

Places: 27, 47, 67, 87 , 127, 147, 167, 187, 227, 247, 267, 287, 327, 347, 367, 387, 427, 447, 467, 487

You may check the Competition balance to see the sum of your win. The ranking place is impacted by your trading volume (including buys & sells) conducted with BNB, BTCB, and ETH tokens on the Biswap DEX.

Move to the BSW wins with the unstoppable rate in Exclusive Trading Competition! 💸

💎 Twitter Campaign for $1 000 in BSW — Exclusive Chance to Win More BSW!

Take part in the newest Twitter Campaign dedicated to Exclusive Trading Competition, which is held on Biswap OFFICIAL Twitter!

You have a unique chance to join 20 random winners and share $1 000 in BSW during the trading competition!

Don’t miss the lucrative opportunity to get $50 in BSW!

Simple actions for participation:

🌟 LIKE and RETWEET the [twitter campaign post]
🌟 Follow @Biswap_Dex
🌟 Enter your BEP-20 wallet in comments


📆 Winners of the Twitter giveaway will be announced within 24 hours after the end of Exclusive Trading Competition.

Mighty BSW rewards are waiting for your lucky tweet! 🕊

Terms & Conditions:

✔️All the rewards will be distributed within one hour and credited to your competition balance after the end of the tournament.

✔️Trading volume includes both buys and sells with BNB, BTCB, and ETH tokens during the competition.

✔️A total of $10 000 in BSW is allocated for Exclusive Trading Competition. This amount will be used for distributing BSW tokens among winners.

✔️All the rewards will be credited to the winners in BSW tokens at the time of accrual and the current exchange rate.

✔️The rewards for Competition A will be proportionally split depending on each user’s total trading volume for the following places: 4–500.

For example:
The prize fund for 4–500 places is $6 000 in BSW. A user took 5th place and made $50 000 transactions with BNB, BTCB, and ETH tokens during the competition. It’s 2% of all trading volume from 4–500 places. In this way, the user will get $120 (2% from $6 0000) in BSW.

✔️Biswap reserves the right to disqualify trades that display attributes of self-dealing or market manipulation.

✔️Biswap reserves the right to cancel or amend any Activity or Activity Rules at its sole discretion.

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