New Vaults (PancakeSwap BSC)

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New Vaults (PancakeSwap BSC)

Autofarm is thrilled to be bringing new PancakeSwap vaults to our platform! Users can now experience the best auto-compounding strategies at the lowest fees to earn the highest yields possible on 7 fresh new PCS v2 vaults.


PancakeSwap (BSC)

PancakeSwap is no stranger to Autofarm. As one of the earliest supported protocols on Autofarm, the addition of these 7 new vaults takes the total number of PCS v2 vaults on our protocol to 109. With a combined TVL already amassing 145m, we are excited to extend our dynamic optimising strategy to these vaults to maximise APYs and achieve the most efficient capital returns for users.

The 7 new auto-compounding vaults include:


Do Less, Earn More

Autofarm does the hard work, so you don’t have to. With our algorithmically profitable strategies at optimal compounding intervals, yields are optimised automatically at a rate unmatched by manual harvesting. All this is done with our battle-tested smart contracts that are held to the highest security standards, so you can sit back, relax, and earn more with Autofarm.

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