Biswap Key Metrics — Monday Present Numbers!

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New milestones on Biswap! The Biswap numbers don’t stay the same and reach new heights. Let’s see what great numbers the Biswap platform has gained!

Catch the latest numerics of Biswap and see the progress!

📍 $313 621 541(Total Value Locked in Farms & Launchpools)
📍 $1 631 021 695 Total Trading Volume
📍 $26 396 046 Trading Volume in 24 hours
📍1 063 135 Unique Wallets Connected to Biswap
📍1 485 130 Transactions on Biswap
📍 41 982 BSW Holders
📍 2 774 963 BSW Transfers in the BSC Network

💸 $0.779 — the current price of BSW token

BscScan —

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⚡️14.8K+ in Telegram Channel
⚡️23.5K+ in Telegram Chat
⚡️46K+ on Twitter
⚡️2K+ on Medium
⚡️540+ on YouTube

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