Ankr expands API services to Fantom

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Franciska Kovacs

Jul 5 · 2 min read

With Ethereum 2.0 still ways ahead, the interest in alternative blockchains and layer 2 solutions has been steadily rising among the developer community. We have earlier expanded our API services to Polygon and xDAI to meet this demand, and today we are proud to announce the newest addition to Ankr’s API services — Fantom.

L2 solutions for Ethereum are particularly important these days, as lots of people who have been locked out of DeFi due to the extreme fees are looking for alternative ways to use it. Moreover, these solutions can benefit the Ethereum network in the longer term, ultimately making its entire ecosystem even more decentralized, robust, and less dependent on the core Ethereum developers. Offering scalable infrastructure on different levels, both these solutions offer increased speed and reduced costs, and Ankr’s API endpoints enable developers to easily interact with and build on these networks.

About Fantom

The Fantom Foundation is committed to building technology that is open-source, decentralized DAG-based distributed ledgers. We aim to create fast, secure, and scalable technologies across a wide range of industries, allowing organizations, businesses, and individuals to develop decentralized and secure applications, solving real-world problems.

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