#HotDeFiSummer Update

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✅ June Round-Up and our July Pledges

Apes, we have had an incredible summer so far, but the summer is far from over! ☀️ We have no intention of slowing down in July and it’s our promise to keep bringing you only the best the Jungle has to offer.

Check out our commitments for July and then keep scrolling to see our crazy round-up of June! We are still just starting to catch momentum and we can’t wait to keep buidling the Jungle together. 🌴💪

July Pledges 📈

Each month during #HotDeFiSummer we‘ll be bringing you a new roadmap to show you exactly what we are working on. Once again, we have a lot in store for the next 31 days. 🗓🙌

Governance—Yes, you heard that right, $GNANA Governance is coming in July. 👑

NFA Auction — Your last chance to grab one of 46 remaining Non Fungible Apes! We’re currently in the process of building our own in-house auction tool to ensure we have the best possible experience for our final Apes. We’ll also be dropping some of our initial utility announcements in the next few weeks, so watch out! 👀🐵

25 New Trading Pairs — As if 20 new pairs last month wasn’t enough, we’ve decided to up the ante on DK, Julian and the Biz Dev squad to bring us 25 new and tasty pairs across BSC and Polygon with the juiciest APRs. 🤑


Crazy Ape Trading Competitions — Trading Competitions with built-in leaderboards and prizes are coming natively to ApeSwap. Season 1 starts Wednesday, July 7th and will run for 5 days, be ready! 💰

Reddit AMAs — Co-Founder Obie Dobo isn’t slowing down on answering your burning questions and keeping you up to date on all things ApeSwap. He’ll be hosting numerous AMAs with new partners, IAO projects, and community members throughout the month. He’s already done the first one, check out his AMA (and join us on Reddit) on our July Pledges here if you missed it! 🙋‍♀️

Burnsday — Is it Almost #BURNSDAY yet? Bigger burns are coming all month long! 🔥

ApeTV Podcast — Chimpin Chip already has the entire month booked with juicy guests for our podcast. Looking for that deep dive into DeFi with our partners? Look no further. 🎧

#MonkeMondayz — Our weekly meme competition based on the 10 Commandments of #HotDeFiSummer continues. Enter each week for your chance at $500 in $BANANA! 🍌

NFA Weekly Draw — With our new integration with Chainlink’s VRF we are excited to continue the draw for another month with the industry-leading provider. If you didn’t already know, each week we are selecting one random NFA from each tier to win $100 in BANANA!🐒

June Round-Up 🤠

June was an unbelievable month for us over at ApeSwap. We branched out multi-chain, partnered with Top 100 tokens, hit all of our June Pledges, and even had our largest IAO yet. 🤯

75mil TVL on Polygon — We officially went multi-chain with our recent launch on Polygon, bringing an all-star cast of 10 partner projects with us. These included three yield farms, a vault, a launchpad, a dashboard, an NFT marketplace, an NFT project, as well as a leveraged trading platform. ♾

BogTools Charting IntegrationCharting is finally here, with both limit orders and Trading View integration now live on ApeSwap. The first of many new features dedicated to bringing the best trading experience to all you Apes. 🛠

Largest IAO Ever — We had our largest IAO ever this past month with HiFi Gaming Society. Thanks to you wonderful apes, we hit 4459% of our BNB Raise and 252% of our $GNANA Raise! HiFi launches its beta on July 2nd and will fully launch later in July. 🕹

678,293 $BANANA Burned— You read correctly, that is the amount of pure $BANANA we burned in June (not the $ amount!) and we are only going up from here. 🔥

42 New Trading Pairs — With too many to name we doubled our goal of bringing you 20 new trading pairs in June. Juicy APRs all around! 🤝

Trading Competitions — We ran our first trading competitions with $DOGE, $SHIBA, $FEG and distributed $13,000 in $BANANA rewards. 💸

AMAs with Obie Dobo — Our Co-Founder extraordinaire Obie Dobo jumped in multiple Telegrams and even our Reddit to answer your questions this month. If you missed his AMA on our Polygon expansion, check it out here. 👷

238 #MonkeMondayz Submissions — Across four meme competitions we partnered with YieldWatch, Moonlight and wished one of our favorite Monkeys and newest team member Ash a Happy Birthday! Y’all brought the heat each week with some of the most hilarious ApeSwap memes we’ve seen yet. 😂

NFA Releases Completed — All of our regular NFA releases were completed with NFT Key and sold out in minutes each Saturday in June. We also saw our largest NFA sale ever happen, worth 54.57 BNB 🤯

4 ApeTV Episodes— Chimpin Chip gave you the deep dive into partner projects KeyFi, Seascape, HiFi and Moonlight. Missed an episode? Go back and catch them all on Anchor or Spotify. 🎧

Chainlink VRF Integration —Our weekly randomized NFA airdrop was legitimized with the integration of Chainlink’s VRF. Each week one random NFA from each tier will win $100 in $BANANA. Chainlink VRF is the industry-leading random number generator (RNG), providing smart contracts an on-chain source of secure randomness that users can verify is tamper-proof. 🔒

😎 #HotDeFiSummer is only heating up and our CMO Rafiki and Social Media Director Diddy have a lot more in store for you Apes. 🔥

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