Aztec x Ren Bring Privacy to BTC

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Michael Burgess

Jul 1 · 2 min read

Ren is excited to continue our long-standing partnership with Aztec in order to bring renBTC into Aztec’s Private Rollup!

Aztec’s flagship app enables fully private transactions on Ethereum through the Aztec Private Rollup. With zkrenBTC, users can now hold and send BTC privately, by depositing BTC into the RenBridge and shielding renBTC in

Outside of the above, the collaboration will pursue:

  1. Native RenVM integration into via RenJS
  2. Aztec to be added to the Greycore. Ren to run Aztec Validators

These features will be explored and implemented over the coming months.

To celebrate the launch 🎉and let users explore zkrenBTC, Aztec has subsidized all $renBTC transaction fees on the platform until July 9th, 2021. (Initially, Aztec will hold a cap of 0.1 renBTC per transaction).


How to use renBTC on Aztec?

Aztec users can now shield and transact with renBTC on The process is fairly straightforward:

  1. Deposit BTC into the RenBridge
  2. Receive renBTC (ERC-20 token)
  3. Connect your wallet to
  4. Shield renBTC in the app
  5. Get zkRenBTC

Looking Forward

Aztec and Ren are excited to build together and create technology bridges that bring Ethereum to its next phase of scalability and usability.

The partnership with Aztec will continue to be fruitful for both organizations by helping to expand each other’s networks and bring privacy features to the Ren Ecosystem. We’ll have separate announcements for each of the above feature sets as they go live, so stay tuned for more.

Onwards and upwards,
— Michael Burgess, COO

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