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Franciska Kovacs

Jul 1 · 2 min read

As we continue building out Binance Smart Chain infrastructure for developers, we are happy to announce that Ankr now offers a full suite of API Developer Solutions. Developers can now instantly access a private endpoint for both full nodes and archive nodes on Binance Smart Chain using either HTTPS or Websocket.

With Ankr’s Developer API, you no longer have to wait for your node to sync! We’ve been working with Binance Smart Chain to throw some sizable traffic at our public Binance Smart Chain RPC endpoint ( and are happy to announce our built-for-blockchain infrastructure is now serving over 80 million requests per day on a single endpoint! When compared to other public RPC endpoints over a 30 day period, our solution ran ten times faster in terms of latency. This same infrastructure is available for individual developers and enterprise customers alike.

Containing the full history of transactions on the network, Archive node enables users to query from genesis block all the way up to the latest block in a fraction of a second.

Ankr offers a full stack of developer tools for teams who want to build on Binance Smart Chain — one of the leading Layer 1 solutions on the market.

“We needed access to BSC to create ERC721 tokens for our NFT marketplace. Ankr’s BSC Developer API allowed us to focus on partnerships and user experience instead of dealing with the complexity and reliability issues from running a node.”

— Bjorn Niclas, CEO Co-Founder

Learn more about the services we provide for Binance Smart Chain here.

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