New Vaults (bZx Polygon)

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New Vaults (bZx Polygon)

Autofarm is adding yet another round of vaults from bZx, and this time from Polygon! Like Autofarm, Polygon is the third blockchain that bZx has launched on, catering to an even wider category of DeFi users and investors.


bZx (Fulcrum)

bZx is a cross-chain open finance protocol that comprises two main products, Fulcrum, a DeFi margin lending and trading platform, and Torque, a platform that facilitates indefinite-term loans with fixed interest rates.

Autofarm is excited to be introducing 8 new vaults from bZx Polygon, of which 7 are single-asset vaults! Users can head over here, select Polygon as a network and subsequently obtain the corresponding iTokens by lending out the single asset tokens on Fulcrum. Need a more detailed guide, check it out here.

The new auto-compounding vaults include:

  • iUSDC
  • iUSDT
  • iETH
  • iWBTC
  • iLINK
  • iMATIC
  • iAAVE

Earn more with Autofarm


Autofarm’s Polygon vaults currently boast close to $80m in TVL, automatically compounding yields from leading platforms like bZx, QuickSwap, SushiSwap and Wault Finance, with more to come.

With some of the lowest fees, highest APYs best security measures enforced, Autofarm is the go-to platform for all yield farming activities across Polygon, HECO and Binance Smart Chain.

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