Biswap YouTube Contest for $2 500! Lights, Camera, BSW!

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Glad to announce that Biswap DEX celebrates its 1st month in the DeFi space! In honour of such a significant date for the platform, the Biswap team is launching the first YouTube Contest.

Share your experience with the whole DeFi world and take a chance to win crypto!

Total prize pool: $2 500
Contest period: 24.06.2021–04.07.2021
Amount of winners: 20

The reward of $2 500 in BSW will be allocated as follows:

🥇1st place — $500

🥈2nd place — $400


🥉3rd place — $300

🏅4th place — $250

🏅5th place — $150

🏅6–10th places — $80 each

🏅11–20th places — $50 each

Shoot your best video and compete for a mighty BSW reward!

Biswap Major Conditions & Topics

Be ready to implement all the incredible ideas!

Read the mandatory requirements carefully, to be sure that all your efforts will be highly effective and profitable.

Follow the Contest Conditions below:

⭐️ Make a new and unique video about Biswap advantages.
⭐️ Include the hashtag #biswap_review into the title of your video and the description as well.
⭐️ Incorporate your referral link (you may find it here) + BEP-20 wallet in the description.
⭐️ Upload the video on your YouTube channel.
⭐️ The minimum number of views is 300.

❗ ️Remember, that everyone who registers on Biswap following your referral link, brings you 5% from his/her profit on Farms & Launchpools to your wallet.

Let your fans become your friends on Biswap to make crypto together!💸

Topic Hints for Biswapers!

You are free to choose the topic on your own, but your video should cover the key Biswap features and your feedback about experiencing the platform.

Here is the list of recommended topics for your superb videos which will give YOU maximum results:

⚡️Swaps with the lowest fee — 0.1%
⚡️Farms & Launchpools earnings
⚡️3-Type Referral program
⚡️High-security level
⚡️The platform achievements in numbers and Biswap perspectives.

Let’s rock on YouTube by firing Biswap videos! 🔥

Main criteria for determining the winners:

✔️ The number of true likes and views under the video will consist of 50% of the winning.
✔️ Another 50% of the result will be evaluated by the Biswap marketing team based on high content quality and creativity.

📆 Prizes will be allocated among the winners on July 5th.

Hurry up to take part in Biswap YouTube Contest!

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