Beefy x Pangolin AMA and Giveaway

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To celebrate our ongoing multichain partnership with Pangolin, we’ve been invited to an AMA on their Telegram channel, and we are doing a small BIFI giveaway to both communities.

With this new partnership we are looking forward to building liquidity for BIFI on Avalanche and we expect a governance proposal from their team in the next couple of weeks.

You can read more about the Pangolin Partnership, here.

Full AMA Details

23 June — 07:00am UTC on the Pangolin Telegram Channel

Pangolin be rewarding users that suggest good questions to them on Twitter, with PNG rewards.

Giveaway Rules

Complete as much tasks as you can on Gleam to have more chances to win!



  1. Retweet the competition tweet (2 points)
  2. Follow @beefyfinance on Twitter (2 points)
  3. Follow pangolindex on Twitter (1 point)
  4. Join any Beefy Avalanche Vault (10 points)
  5. Join the Pangolin Telegram channel (5 points)

To participate enter this link on our Gleam page.

The contest will close at 2021–06–23 17:59:59 PM UTC. Half of the winners will be picked from Gleam, and the other half from the AMA itself.

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