Biswap ​​Weekly Highlights From Robi!

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🤖Hi crypto birds, it’s Robi again!

I am incredibly excited to see such a great number of users join Biswap daily so more people can see bright conquests of the Biswap platform!

Here, I’ve gathered all key events of Biswap that have taken place during this high-yielding week!

Let’s have a look at them:

🏆Let BFG Trading Competitions Begin!

Robi has important news for those who like to compete! Due to Bet-Fury & Biswap partnership, Biswap has launched the lucrative trading competition!

You have a unique opportunity to gain mighty BSW rewards for trading more BFG tokens on Biswap. Buy and sell BFG tokens to increase your trading volume and share $30 000 in BSW prize pool!


Hurry up to take higher your rank and multiply BSW!

🚀BFG Is Listed on Biswap!

Due to the strategic Business Partnership between BetFury & Biswap you have a mind-blowing opportunity to experience BFG token on Biswap.

Powerful BFG-BSW token was successfully listed on Biswap Farms with a high APR and profitable offers:

⚡️Stake BSW with high returns
⚡️Easily exchange tokens with fast BFG Trade
⚡️Add liquidity to the Liquidity Pool and earn now!

Join Biswap Farms to gain a high APR with BFG token!

🤝Biswap Partnership — Brand-New Level of Your Projects!

A total of $100 000 in BSW will be allocated by Biswap for its partners. Only 10 best projects which add their tokens to Biswap Launchpools will get $10 000 in BSW each for Trading Competition.

🔎More information about Biswap Business Partnership:

The Application Form:

🔥Biswap Third Burn of 211 540 BSW!

This week was not only prolific but also extremely hot!
A total of 211 540 BSW (~$304 406) was forever burned including:

90 599 BSW from trading fees

120 941 BSW from accounts with no referrers

All the destroyed BSW tokens are 100% transparent and recorded as transactions on the BSC:

🧨Sending BSW tokens from accounts with no referrers to the “dead address”

🧨Purchasing BSW for USDT

🧨Purchasing BSW for BNB

🧨Sending BSW tokens to the dead address

​​💸 New Farming Pairs on Biswap!

This week brought Biswap community new 7 gainful Farming Pairs with high APRs.

The newly added profitable pairs of Biswap include:


Let’s replenish wallets with even more BSW!

💰Over $350 000 000+ TVL on Biswap

Another stunning numeric accomplishment on Biswap!
The Biswap Total Volume Locked is over $350 000 000, which was achieved in such a short period of time. Biswap is grateful to you for using the platform and contributing to its progress!

Let’s keep such great numbers up on Biswap!

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Watch out for fake accounts! The Biswap platform will never text you first and ask for private keys or individual information!

Experience all Biswap hot features now and gain more crypto! 💥

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