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New Beefy.Finance CAKE Vault, with 77% lower fees

To celebrate the launch of our new CAKE vault, with 77% less fees, we’re running a whole week of AMAs and NFT Giveaways with our Binance Smart Chain ecosystem partners, as well as a Launchpool Boost on the new pure CAKE Beefy vault.

Wait, there’s a new vault?

Yes, we have just launched our new CAKE vault. Beefy’s new CAKE vault has lower fees and higher earnings.

It is also safer. We have removed all the middlemen platforms between our vault and PancakeSwap itself. This means less smart contract risk, less chance of partner error and more security for our users.

With our new Pure CAKE vault: you stake cake, you earn cake.

The vault has:

0% deposit
0% withdrawal fee
0% call fee
0% treasury fee
0% strategist fee


The performance fee, that goes directly to BIFI Max stakers, has been reduced from 3% to 1% as well.

As the new pure CAKE vault on Beefy removes middlemen platforms like Auto and Swamp, there will be a noticeable increase in revenue for Smart Chain Beefy. This will increase the APY for those who stake their BIFI in the BIFI Maxi vault on BSC.

Click here to learn more about the new pure CAKE vault.

What about BeefCAKE week?

One of the reasons we are holding BeefCAKE week is to raise awareness for our users that they should move their CAKE from our three old CAKE vaults on, into the new CAKE vault, here.

There are three old CAKE vaults

  1. Smart CAKE
  2. CAKE Swamp
  3. CAKE Autofarm

From today, Monday 14 June, new deposits for these old vaults are no longer possible. Your CAKE will continue to earn interest in the vaults until Monday 21 June, when the vaults will be completely retired and will no longer earn interest.

There is a 0% withdrawal fee for Cake Swamp and Cake Autofarm and a 0.1% fee for Smart Cake. The new pure CAKE vault has a 0% deposit fee.

You have the option to withdraw anytime. Even if you read this after Monday 21 June, you will still be able to remove your CAKE from the retired vaults, and move them to the new pure CAKE vault.

Throughout the week we will be holding AMAs, giveaways and a boost on the new CAKE vault. The schedule for BeefCAKE week is below.

BeefCAKE Week Schedule

Monday June 14

  • Launch new pure CAKE Beefy Vault
  • Stop accepting deposits on our Smart Cake, Swamp and Autofarm CAKE vaults
  • NFToaster BeefCAKE Meme Contest
  • BSC News Live Interview, with Mooncow

Tuesday June 15

  • Iron Finance x Beefy Learn AMA
  • King Finance $500 KROWN Giveaway

Wednesday June 16

  • King Finance x Beefy Learn AMA

Thursday June 17

  • SafePal x Beefy Learn AMA

Friday June 18

  • NFToaster BeefCAKE Meme Contest voting

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