CFI Samurai — Epoch 3

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CFI Samurai — Epoch 3

Rewards Update

At the beginning of our staking journey on CFI Samurai, which saw over 14% of all Bird tokens in circulation locked on the platform, we announced that rewards shared will be structured over time. We decided that early stakers should justifiably get the lion’s share of the rewards as we taper off and decrease rewards shared per day.

Epoch 3 and Future for Bird Staking

We are happy to announce that Epoch 3 of the CFI Staking will begin on June 13th. This period will see a further reduction of rewards to $250 USDT per day for stakers and a total of $500 per day for LP providers. However, this is far from being the end of our effort to bring more value for Bird token holders, as we are preparing for forthcoming our foray into BSC. While ETH has been amazing for us, we are also exploring the possibilities of creating great staking and farming options for our holders on the Binance Smart Chain, which is a much lower fee network.

Thank You

This journey has been a proud one for all of us on the team as it helped us get a clear picture of just how tight the Bird community is. We would like to thank the Bird Flock for keeping faith with the project especially during the recent turbulent times for the entire crypto industry. As we continue to build a bigger and better Bird.Money, we want to reassure everyone that we don’t take the support we get for granted.

About Bird.Money

Bird.Money is developing data-driven solutions used to analyze risk in Decentralized Finance by securely delivering their Blockchain Individualized Risk of Default (BIRD) Score — DeFi’s improvement on the legacy financial system’s credit score — to lending platforms and protocols. The BIRD Score is the first DeFi credit score based on the statistical prediction of loan default, created using advanced machine learning methods and made available to lending protocols as a simple, accessible rating. It’s the next generation of credit scoring.

Together with its lending platform, decentralized analytics oracle, and API, Bird.Money is leading the way in empowering DeFi product innovation. Bird.Money’s suite of analytics products and services enable truly individualized DeFi solutions to be uniquely tailored to each and every user.

This is the future of finance.


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