Beefy x Upbots $500 BIFI Giveaway and AMA

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Yes, we hear you, that's why we are partnering with Upbots to you bring you another $500 BIFI Giveaway, yes, another one, isn’t it exciting? As well as a Beefy Learn AMA over in the Upbots Telegram channel on Thursday 10 June, 2021.

Upbots is an “All-in-one” Trading Ecosystem, where you can trade from crypto, to forex and commodities.

In Upbots you can trade assets, follow other successful traders, rent your own algorithms, and even learn from the training courses they provide. The possibilities are endless.

BIFI Giveaway Rules

To celebrate our new partnership, we want to give away 5 prizes worth of $50 of BIFI. The rest of the prize will used to reward the users that participate in the AMA.

To add chances to win, you have to complete the following tasks on our contest.


  1. Retweet the competition tweet (2 points)
  2. Follow @beefyfinance on Twitter (2 points)
  3. Follow @UpBotsCom on Twitter (1 point)
  4. Join any Beefy BSC Vault (10 points)


  1. Visit Beefy Finance on Youtube (1 point)
  2. Join our amazing Discord Cowmoonity (1 point)
  3. Refer Friends for Extra Entries (1 point)

To participate enter this link on our Gleam page.

The contest will close at 2021–06–10 11:59:59 PM GMT-12. Five people who entered via Gleam will receive $50 worth of BIFI, each.

Join the Cowmoonity

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