Community Commentaries 6/2/21

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🍜 Oh waiter, can I get another $bBETA? 🙌

In our ninth weekly update, we’re proud to announce our second data collection token. bBETA builds on the bALPHA collection, featuring commercially valuable datasets from ClosingBell, Glassnode, Amass Insights and more.

By popular demand, we are distributing bBETA via farming and a 2-stage airdrop. Farming bBETA by staking your BDP & bALPHA LP tokens went live on Friday, May 28.

The first “Fairdrop” can be claimed if you held BDP, bALPHA or LP tokens on May 9 (Eth block 12,400,000). The 2nd airdrop will be proportional to your holdings of BDP & bALPHA tokens; we will base it on a snapshot taken during the 48-hour period from Sat, Jun 5 — Sun, Jun 6 (midnight to midnight, US EST) at a random time, so fill your bags now!

In case you missed them, here are details about bBETA tokenomics & airdrops.

Also lined up for this week — our 4th IDO and a team AMA to coincide with the launch of our new Discord server. Stay tuned, check our Twitter for updates + details & thanks for your support!


Note 1: This is not a complete list of everything we are working on. We have to keep certain plans and details under wraps until we are ready to announce them publicly.

The team works 7 days a week. We are relentless.

Note 2: Keep expectations in check. A meeting does not mean a partnership results from it.


Project updates


  • bBETA farming smart contracts tested & deployed
  • Frontend updates to Data Room and Data Vault completed
  • 1st “Fairdrop” tested and deployed

General & Business Development

  • Data provider meetings & dataset teed up for IDO-4
  • Discovery presentations for NFT-type product
  • Advisor prospect & Marketing agency meetings
  • Development of influencer marketing product
  • Community workflow & engagement setup, onboarding new moderators and Discord server launch test
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