ZAP! One-Click Beefy Vault Investing on Polygon

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The “Beefy Zapper” is going places

Our Zapper — or ZAP, for short — lets you create liquidity pool tokens and make Beefy vault deposits with just one transaction.

You can invest with a couple of clicks, directly on, without having to leave the platform.

With this new ZAP feature, if you want to go into the $BIFI-$ETH LP vault on, you now only need to have one of the two tokens in your wallet.

Or, if you have either $BIFI or $ETH, you can go directly into the $BIFI-$ETH LP with either of them.

Game changer for people new to DeFi

ZAP is already supported for all of Beefy’s BSC PancakeSwap and ApeSwap vaults, and also on our Fantom SpookySwap vaults; this includes all vaults on using PancakeSwap v2 liquidity, such as $IRON-$BUSD OR $XBLZD-$BNB.

And now you have the same easy to use feature for our Polygon vaults from QuickSwap, Cometh and SushiSwap.


What does this mean?

You get super-fast liquidity for attractive APY pairs without going back and forth around the houses, manually importing addresses, providing liquidity and depositing.

And withdrawals work the same way.

If, let’s say, you have $QUICK-$MATIC LP staked in a vault, you can choose to withdraw and get half $QUICK, half $MATIC, or just $QUICK or just $MATIC on their own.

So users don’t need to go to QuickSwap, Cometh or SushiSwap to remove liquidity and swap tokens.

This is a simple, quick, cheap, safe solution that eliminates the need to handle token contract addresses or even leave the comfy environs of the Beefy app.

A bit like ordering food without getting out of bed.

Here’s the flow in action:

$QUICK— $QUICK LP vault on Beefy.Finance

1. User enters $QUICK and presses “Deposit”

2. ZAP buys enough $MATIC to have 50–50 of $QUICK and $MATIC

3. ZAP adds both tokens to the liquidity

4. ZAP stakes LP tokens into the Beefy vault

5. User can now see staked tokens under “Deposited” in the vault card

All with one click.

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