Beefy Finance x QuickSwap Giveaway and AMA

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A little bit of Beef to celebrate our progress on Polygon

In less than one week from announcing our partnerships on Polygon, the Beefy Finance users are auto-compounding more than $100,000,000 of assets in the Beefy Polygon vaults.

To support this influx of new Beefy users we have now added our Beefy ZAP feature to the QuickSwap, Cometh and SushiSwap vaults on our platform. You can invest into these LP vaults with couple of clicks, directly on, without having to leave the platform to swap your assets. You can learn more about our Polygon Beefy ZAP, here.

BIFI Giveaway

To celebrate our growth on Polygon we’re running a simple giveaway of $250 of BIFI. We have also invited our partner QuickSwap to an AMA in our Telegram channel on Thursday 3 April, time to be confirmed on our Twitter later this week. We’ll give out another $250 of $BIFI to some of those who take part in the AMA.

The giveaway contest is simple:

Five people who follow these instructions will win $50 of BIFI, each.

  1. Like and Retweet the contest tweet.
  2. Follow @beefyfinance and @QuickSwapDex
  3. Join our Telegram so that you are ready for the AMA

Go to our contest page on to enter, and to complete some additional tasks if you want to increase your chance of winning.


The contest will close at 2021–06–03 11:59:59 AM UTC. Five people who entered via Gleam will receive $50 of BIFI, each.

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