Airdropping bBETA

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Fairness and rewarding our loyal community are part of Big Data Protocol’s core tenets. With this in mind, bBETA tokens will be distributed via yield farming and airdrop.

bBETA Airdrop Details

Why airdrop?

BDP & bALPHA hodlers are at the heart of our project and we want to express our gratitude with a 2-stage airdrop of bBETA tokens — designed to be both fair and to drum up excitement for its release!

Airdrop Plan

Phase 1 — the Fairdrop (5% of total / 1000 bBETA tokens)

To favor all our hodlers with bags big and small, but to prevent individuals from duping the system, we took a snapshot of the Ethereum chain on May 9, 2021: Block # 12,400,000.

Starting Friday, May 28, hodlers with any amount of BDP/bALPHA in their wallets or staked in liquidity pools during the snapshot will be able to claim an equal share of 1,000 bBETA tokens: ~0.129 bBETA.

And now…


Phase 2 —Airdrop Proportional to Holdings (5% of total / 1000 bBETA tokens)

We will take a snapshot at a random time in the 48 hour period of the weekend of Saturday, Jun 4 — Sunday, Jun 5 (midnight to midnight, US EST).

Starting Jun 6, hodlers will be able to claim an amount of bBETA tokens that’s proportional to their wallet’s holdings of BDP & bALPHA tokens.

The bigger your BDP & bALPHA bags, the bigger your reward!

Where to claim

Once we announce on Twitter that the claim contracts are ready, head to and connect your wallet

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