Announcing Alpaca Finance x DODO partnership

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Dear Alpacas,

We Senior Alpacas are excited to announce our partnership with DODO. We are starting a journey of collaboration between two beautiful animals — Alpacas and Dodos. There will be many earning opportunities for both communities, so listen well or you might miss out on all the yields!

🎁Earning opportunities on Alpaca Finance:

➡️Leveraged yield farm on DODO-BNB

️With this partnership, all you Alpacas will be able to open leveraged yield farming positions up to 2.5x on PancakeSwap’s DODO-BNB pair, which currently yields over 60% APR in CAKE Rewards! The pool will go live on May 25th, 2021 at 10 AM GMT.

➡️ ️️️️Grazing Range

You’ll be able to stake ibALPACA for $150K USD in DODO rewards which will be distributed over 4 weeks.

Total Rewards: 93,850 DODO (~$150k USD)

DODO Token Address: 0x67ee3cb086f8a16f34bee3ca72fad36f7db929e2


Rewards Period: 4+ weeks

Rewards Start Block: 7,715,000(Approx. May 25th, 2021 10 AM GMT)

Rewards End Block: 8,521,400 (Approx. June 22th, 2021 10 AM GMT)

Distribution Schedule:

➡️Exclusive NFT Cards for Pool’s Stakers

To be eligible, you must stake ibALPACA in the DODO Grazing Range pool before May 26th, 10 AM GMT(1 day after the pool opens) and stake for at least 27 days. The NFT tier you receive will be based on the amount of ibALPACA staked.

  • Green Tier: staked at least 500 ibALPACA
  • Silver Tier: staked at least 5,000 ibALPACA
  • Gold Tier: staked at least 50,000 ibALPACA

🎁Earning opportunities on DODO:

➡️ Yield farming on ALPACA-DODO pair

Users will be able to stake ALPACA-DODO LP tokens to earn DODO rewards starting on May 25th, 2021. The rewards will be distributed over 4 weeks.

Thanks to Super Booster, the total value of the mining rewards during the first week of the campaign will be three times the normal amount, meaning that 9,386 DODO tokens (0.0465 DODO per block) will be up for grabs from May 25th to June 1st, 2021, at 2:30PM SGT.

After the first week, DODO will continue to re-adjust the weekly reward value every Monday based on the total trading volume from the previous week. The maximum value for a week’s mining rewards could be as high as $45,000 worth of DODO tokens.

For more information on these Earning opportunities on DODO, please refer to their announcement here.

About DODO

DODO is a decentralized exchange platform powered by the Proactive Market Maker (PMM) algorithm. It features highly capital-efficient liquidity pools that support single-token provision, reduce impermanent loss, and minimize slippage for traders. The trading platform also offers SmartTrade, a decentralized liquidity aggregation service that routes to and compares various liquidity sources to quote the optimal prices between any two tokens. In addition, DODO removed all roadblocks hindering liquidity pool creation for the issuance of new assets — asset ratios, liquidity depths, fee rates, and other parameters can all be freely customized and configured in real-time. Based on this breakthrough, DODO has developed Crowdpooling, a permissionless, equal opportunity liquidity offering mechanic, as well as customizable technical solutions geared towards professional on-chain market makers.

To learn more about DODO, you can visit their official communication channels:








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