Meme Contest: Beefy x Cometh

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Win a Cometh Starter Kit worth 400 MATIC

Are you a native meme creator? Have you always dreamed of sending cows to space? This is your time to shine. Beefy is runnings its first ever @cowmoonityHQ Meme Contest in partnership with Cometh.

What is Cometh, and why are we working with them?

Cometh is the first DeFi blockchain game on Layer 2. It combines yield-generating NFTs into a fun strategy game where players pilot spaceships that mine asteroids for tokens.

Jerome de Tychey, an economist at Cometh says:

“Beefy has been leading the way of DeFi adoption on many chains, and we are delighted to see them tackling Polygon now. We can’t wait to have the Beefy community play and earn with Cometh!]”

You can read the full details about the partnership here.

The Meme Contest

To celebrate adding the Polygon (previously named Matic) chain to Beefy Finance we will be running contests and giveaways with some of our new partners. The first contest is with Cometh, and the best meme artist — as voted by the Cometh team — will win a Cometh Starter Pack worth around 400 MATIC.


The rules

You can submit as many Beefy memes as you want, but they must be your original. If you created it before and you want to submit it, that is fine, feel free to submit it. The Cowmoonity will be on the lookout for meme stealers though. If you cheat and use a meme that isn’t yours, you will be excluded from the contest.

  1. Follow our new meme account on Twitter @cowmoonityHQ, as well as @beefyfinance and @MUSTcometh
  2. Post your meme on your own Twitter feed with the hashtag #BeefyMemes and then link to your tweet as a reply to this Tweet. You just need to paste the url of your #BeefyMemes tweet into the reply, and it will work.
  3. Add a link to your tweet original tweet on this form, so we don’t miss it and can contact you easily if you are the winner.
  4. On Monday 24 May the Cowmoonity Heroes on Beefy’s discord, will pick out the best memes and then will let the crowd show which ones they like the most on Twitter. The Cometh team will pick one winner by Wednesday 25 May who will win the Cometh Starter Kit.

Okay, now you know everything you need, you just need to open paint and think of a funny meme to make everyone laugh.

The winner will be announced on Thursday 26 May.

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