1) Sign up for the Solana Hackathon ☀️ 2) Build on Orca 3) Profit!

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Orca, the most user-friendly DEX on Solana, is sponsoring $5,000 USD in prizes for the Solana Season Hackathon! ☀️

There are two prizes up for grabs this season:
1. $2,500 to the best project that integrates with Orca’s AMM functionality 💰
2. $2,500 to the best game/interactive art built on top of our lovable Collectibles 🐠

Here at Orca, we’re proud of our decision to build a pure AMM DEX. The primary reason for that is the simplicity of this model, which comes with a number of benefits. One of them is reliability; our users have long praised the ease and execution rates of swaps on Orca, and we expect this to become increasingly true as the Solana network gains ever more traffic.

Another benefit that we’ve only just begun to dip our toes into is composability. That’s what we’d like to challenge you, the community, to explore in this Hackathon! Orca uses the token-swap smart contract, which is fully audited and available for anyone to integrate with. By integrating with Orca, you can easily build projects involving lightning-fast swaps backed by our liquidity pools. A couple of ideas that we’d love to see:

  1. An interface to create and trade on custom Orca pools
  2. A trade / liquidity aggregator across Orca + Serum
  3. An arbitrage bot

We’re currently working on building an Orca TypeScript SDK, but in the meantime, you can use the token-swap JS bindings and this list of Orca addresses to interact with our smart contract. If you have questions, feel free to pop into the #hackathon channel in our Discord!


Because you love the spirit of NFTs: building wacky digital art using technology!

We’re proud of our brand, which we summarize with the following three adjectives: Professional, principled, and playful. Our Collectibles represent this side of our brand.

From the beginning, we’ve encouraged our community to think of them as “badges of honor” for our loyal users, similar to other NFTs. We do not plan to tie them to the $ORCA governance token in any way, including airdrops. However, we think they have enormous creative potential. That’s where you come in!

Each of the Collectibles is an SPL token, which means that building on top of them is no different from building on top of any other tokens on Solana. A few starter ideas for this category include:

  1. A Pokémon-style game in which you can train, trade, and battle Collectibles
  2. A Tamagotchi-style game in which you can raise a Collectible as a pet
  3. A living digital mural that allows participants to burn Collectibles in order to modify it

When it comes to this category, the wackier and more fun, the better—the world’s your oyster! (However, the project must involve code — it cannot simply be an illustration of our Collectibles.) To start building, you can use this gist of Collectible addresses and reference the Collectible History doc for how they were previously earned.

Projects will be judged according to the following criteria by the Orca team:

  1. Completeness and quality of implementation
  2. Usefulness / creativity of the idea
  3. User-friendliness & aesthetic appeal

*Orca reserves the right only to award prizes to teams that are deemed by our holistic evaluation to have invested significant effort. 😉

Awesome! Of course, any documentation you create and share about integrating with Orca along the way (could be blog posts, tutorials, even a Tweet stream…) is eligible to earn STARFISH! ⭐️

That’s all for now! If you have any questions or would like to float an idea, swim on over to the #hackathon channel in Discord. We can’t wait to see what you come up with! 🐳

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