Quick Duck Yield Farming With WIN-2-WIN Tokenomics Launch In An Hour On Polygon Chain

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We will launch the QuickDuck Farming Optimizer, which has combined the best farming mechanics from the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks in a new blockchain with the lowest gas fees — Polygon (MATIC)!

🔹Own $QUACK token address


🔹Use the Polygon (Matic) network explorer for checking:


Vaults on the platform

🔷 LP QUACK / USDC vault,
Here farmers earn X10 QUACK for every $1 of profit earned in other vaults
🔷QUACK Staking vault, the performance fee is tied to the other vaults performance
🔷MATIC / ETH Farming vault,
Here farmers earn X3 QUACK for every $ 1 in QUICKs as a reward for providing liquidity. During the day, 4 more vaults will be launched: ETH / USDT, ETH / USDC, ETH / WBTC and stable vault USDC-USDT

Further, the project team plans to make more than 100 farming pools for QuickSwap, SushiSwap and Cometh (the largest exchanges on the Polygon (Matic) network) available to QuickDuck users🤑

🔹How Vaults Work

QuickDuck vaults use a compounding farming strategy that provides higher ROI compared to simple interest vaults. All these works without intermediaries, using smart contracts that automatically increase user investment, increasing the percentage yield🚀

The main feature of the project is that there are no unsecured tokens in the system. The initial balance of the platform is created from the team’s personal funds. The volume of emission of own $QUACK tokens is pegged to the volume of all vaults performance. This guarantees a stable $QUACK token price growth and an increase in the liquidity volume🧮

🔹Fair Farming

The QuickDuck team launches the first of its kind Fair Farming.

‼️The project has no private sale or pre-mine‼️

Users are rewarded for farming both in the underlying assets of the corresponding LP vault and $QUACK tokens. During the first weeks of launch, QuickDuck farmers will receive maximum profitability in $QUACK tokens!

The main advantage of the platform is its unique tokenomics. Any project participant receives an additional reward in $QUACK tokens in proportion to the volume of primary profit and the volume of allocated funds💸

🔥For every $1 received as a reward in $QUICK, the user will earn an additional $3 in $QUACK. For liquidity placed in the LP value with $QUACK, users will receive not 3 to 1, but 10 to 1 in $QUACK!

🔥‼The $QUACK has a progressive dynamic unlimited emission‼️🔥

The $QUACKs emission system is similar to PancakeBunny Finance, but more efficient💪🏼

The issue is proportional to the volume of the platform’s profit, which provides an equal percentage of profitability for all users, regardless of the time of placing liquidity and the time of entering the vault.


  • The commission from the all vaults profit is 30%, of which 1⁄3 (10%) goes to the project team to stimulate rapid development and promotion, and 2⁄3 (20%) goes to the buyback of $QUACK tokens from QuickSwap to enforce QUACK price stable growth. This commission does not apply to the QUACK / USDC vault and the QUACK staking vault.
  • Commission for early withdrawal 0.5% within 72 hours. Does not apply to the QUACK staking vault.
  • QuickDuck implements a mechanism against liquidity outflow. Get 100% profit after 28 days. NO FEES DEPOSIT ADDING/WITHDRAWING
    From 1 to 14 days — 80% profit lock up
    On the 14th day, the user can withdraw 50% of the profit
    From 15 to 28 days — user can withdraw + 3.57% daily
    A user can take 100% of the profit from farming in 28 days
    Does not apply to QUACK / USDC and staking QUACK.

🔥Since the $QUACK emission is based on the profit received from the commission, the model is stable and balanced!

🚀You can be the first one who will farm QUACK, which will go to the moon very soon!

We are Bunny on steroids💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼Do you remember how their token made X100 from $3 to $300?

Let’s work together to lead the QuickDuck spacecraft into outer space!

👉🏻Join QuickDuck Yield Farming here —

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