Gaming Analytics Company, Lurkit, Joins Big Data Protocol Data Alliance Showcasing Streaming, Video, News and Sentiment Data for the gaming industry

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Big Data Protocol (BDP) added it first gaming and eSports data product to its Data Alliance. Lurkit’s platform allows users to find content creators, actively monitor market trends and millions of streaming channels, as well as track media & influencer coverage around specific games. Lurkit’s initial dataset includes streaming, video, and sentiment analysis for major listed publishers.

Investors can leverage pre-launch indicators including Trailer Review Sentiment, Gaming Influencer Scoring, and Viewership Traction prior to full commercialization of selected games.


Video Game Influencer, Media Outlet, and Trailer Reviews / Summaries include the following metrics.

· # of videos

· Total views


· Total likes

· Total dislikes

· Total comments

· Time-Stamp

For more information on Lurkit’s first data product, please access Lurkit’s profile on Amass Insights or the BDP Data Room.


Lurkit developed a SaaS solution helping gaming companies and publishers get access to an analysis platform for the live streaming market and a campaign tool to get in touch with influencers. Their system allows you to find content creators, monitor gaming market trends, run campaigns that drive game sales — all in one platform.

For more information:

Website: Lurkit 🎮 Evolving the gaming ecosystem

FacebookLurkit — Home | Facebook


Twitter: (19) Lurkit (@LURKITcom) / Twitter


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The Protocol has a vast existing ecosystem of professional data providers by leveraging Amass Insights, founded in 2015 by our co-founders, Jordan Hauer & Mark Donovick. Amass Insights connects 15,103 professional data providers with over 10,000 consumers of data, who are primarily investment managers.

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