Polygon Integration Coming to Autofarm soon!

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Autofarm x Polygon

We are thrilled to announce that Autofarm will soon be supporting Polygon in addition to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Huobi ECO chain (HECO), as its 3rd blockchain!

Famously shouted out by billionaire investor, Mark Cuban, Polygon (previously Matic) is an Ethereum scaling solution that connects Ethereum-compatible blockchains with the promise of lower costs to users.

Ease and efficiency of yield farming have always been what Autofarm set out to do and we believe this principle should extend beyond BSC or HECO to cater to a wider range of users in the DeFi space. Integrating with Polygon brings us one step closer to becoming a truly chain-agnostic yield aggregator and all-rounded DeFi protocol.

New Polygon vaults

As seen in the recently unveiled Autofarm roadmap, we are dedicated to continuously providing more vaults with the best yields to users, regardless of blockchain.

Autofarm’s upcoming integration with Polygon means new vaults from the blockchain ecosystem will be added onto Autofarm, allowing users to enjoy some of the best compounding strategies on Polygon LPs at the lowest fees.

Autofarm will be adding Polygon vaults from:

  • QuickSwap
  • ComethSwap
  • PolyWhale

More platforms will be integrated over time. For suggestions on more platforms that Autofarm can integrate with, drop us a line on our Discord ideas channel!


We are happy to also announce that Autofarm will be partnering with Polygon; Autofarm is amongst the few projects on Polygon that will be natively incentivised with MATIC tokens, some of these projects include big brand names such as Aave, Curve and SushiSwap. For starters, there will be up to 250,000 MATIC tokens (~ $250,000) which will be used to incentivise our Polygon vaults.

In addition, the Autofarm team is working on a bridging solution for AUTO (BEP-20) token on to the Polygon chain and users will also be able to earn AUTO tokens when using our Polygon vaults. No additional AUTO tokens will be printed and the maximum supply of all AUTO tokens will still be capped at 80,000 AUTO as per the original tokenomics of Autofarm. More details on AUTO token rewards will be released soon.

AutoSwap Integration

AutoSwap, Autofarm’s DEX aggregator, will also be aggregating liquidity from SushiSwap, QuickSwap and ComethSwap, DEXes powered by Polygon. With a substantial amount of liquidity spread across the 3 established DEXes, users can expect even better swap rates and lower slippage thanks to AutoSwap’s intelligent routing algorithm that guarantees only the best trades for users.

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