Good News for PolkaPet NFT Holders Ankr x NudeColony NFT Airdrop

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Are you an Ankr PolkaPet holder? We have exciting news for you!

We are joining forces with Nude Colony — the first NFT collection built exclusively on the Binance Smart Chain — for a surprise NFT airdrop. This Friday, on May 14th, 100 randomly chosen Ankr PolkaPet holders will receive one of the 1009 exclusive Nude NFTs.

About Nude Colony

Each Nude NFT is a one-of-a-kind human, animal, or alien that will be revealed to the lucky owner as soon as it’s dropped into his or her wallet where Ankr PolkaPet is stored. If you are using MetaMask, you just need to connect it to Binance Smart Chain to view your NFT. You can find out how it’s done here.

About PolkaPets

Developed by an interoperable swap protocol Bondly, 800 Ankr PolkaPets were sold on BondSwap in April. These magnificent, powerful creatures symbolize our mission to provide the best-in-class infrastructure services for the internet of the future.

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