BDP Community Commentaries 5/9/21

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Our sixth community update brings our proudest accomplishment so far! It’s been a big week for BDP Legions as our Data Market successfully cleared public beta and arrived on Ethereum mainnet May 2nd.

We launched not one, but two successful IDOs (Initial Data Offerings) this week. $BDP stakers earned upside on each datatoken on top of transaction fees on each trade. And if you traded the datatoken, you got to see it shoot up 20x in price!

Our users proved the #datamarket’s top use case, driving price discovery of $LINK and ThorChain’s $RUNE sentiment analysis datasets by adding and removing liquidity.

But it was not all rosy. The team grappled with technical bumps and a glitchy liquidity chart, fixing each one. Every step, we keep iterating, we keep building and delivering a better product.

Huge thanks to our community & volunteer testers who helped us find and squash bugs during the public beta period 🙏🙏. Rewards for testing and bug-finding will be paid out this week.

Stay tuned for more IDOs coming this week.


Note 1: This is not a complete list of everything we are working on. We have to keep certain plans and details under wraps until we are ready to announce them publicly.

The team works 7 days a week. We are relentless.

Note 2: Keep expectations in check. A meeting does not mean a partnership results from it.


Project updates


  • Moved Data Market through Rinkeby testnet beta test gates
  • Deployed Data Market on Ethereum mainnet
  • Launched $LINK & $RUNE sentiment analysis IDOs
  • Squashed javascript bugs causing Data Market cache instability
  • Integrated latest version of ocean.js into our fork; gas estimator bug fix incoming
  • Added support for mobile & web users

General & Business Development

  • Confirmed a pipeline for BDP proprietary datasets
  • Meetings with 5 new data providers with 3 data partners being onboarded
  • Contracted w/ China marketing firm with on-ground resources
  • Interviewing research & development talent
  • Building out our operations platform — deployed ATS system


Where is the team based?

The team is based in the U.S. Part of our dev team is in Vietnam.

What are you working on with 0xb1?

We are working on a data product together. This is a major product. We have weekly calls with 0xb1. They are NOT selling their BDP.

Has the team sold any tokens?

No, the team has not sold any BDP or bALPHA. bALPHA we’ve had to mine like everyone else.

Wen Binance? Wen Huobi?

Obviously we can’t answer that. Exchanges do not allow applicants to disclose any news of listings before they occur

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