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There is about a week left before the launch of Gswap, a decentralized exchange with the Heco and BSC blockchain. We are finishing testing and adapting the interfaces. All the time we were developing the project, we didn’t show any prototypes or lead any public groups. The product was and still is more important to us than the white noise around us.

And we understand it can become popular and in demand, but we will try to adhere to our position — to carry the best solutions for users. And this is more important than marketing or hype.

We spend many hours in development and research, which helps us to dive deeper into the problems that exist in DeFi today. Such serious obstacles as bridges between blockchains hinder the development of the entire decentralized exchange and allow large players to manipulate user assets by putting them in blackbox. We don’t like centralized solutions, but we will use some of their functionality in Gravis Finance. This is not the case for KYC/AML, but for example, limit-orders and listing policies in our own whitelists. We plan to deploy a full-fledged DAO and then the community will decide which tokens are worthy of these sheets.

We beat The Graph on the Binance Smart Chain, although many projects have experienced difficulties with analytics recently. Realizing that The Graph can not cope with the influx of questions and cannot provide the tools soon, we devoted some time to creating our own graph, based on open source. This will give Gswap users a real-time picture without delays (Pancake’s analytics are over 1 Million blocks behind and this is terrible). In addition, despite The Graph’s claims they will support Solana, their current nodes will not be able to process Solana transactions at the desired speed.

In addition, we worked on the first round of token distribution, which we called the Big Bang Round. We noticed that projects sell early allocations to large investors and funds.We focus on the community and want to provide an opportunity for early users and evangelists to receive tokens on the most favorable terms. 175 early NFT buyers will get this opportunity. In more detail, we will describe the device of the round, the farming of GRVS tokens and other conditions soon.

We using our medium rather than as a marketing tool, but as a source for getting important detailed information about the project and its features. Therefore, some of our articles will be written by ourselves and we apologize in advance for the insufficiently journalistic style of presentation.


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