Ambassador Program Launches, Vespernauts Continue to #BUIDL — A Week in Review

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Ambassador Program Launches, Vespernauts Continue to #BUIDL — A Week in Review

Also: Blockforce receives grant, UNI/USDT vote passes, Immunifi manages bug bounties, plus Vesper data insights

Ambassador Program Launches

Building a world-class community will be a key element of Vesper’s ongoing success. The ambassador program is designed to grow Vesper’s reach in tight-knit local communities and to surface that knowledge and energy globally.

In the week or so since the program’s launch it has received three-dozen applications representing every continent. We are currently in the interview process with candidates from China, Russia, Spain, Vietnam, Philippines, France and more. Further updates on who these ambassadors and their initiatives will be shared in the coming weeks. And it’s not too late to apply!

Blockforce Vote Passes — $100k Grant Paid

Just after press time for last week’s update, the vote Blockforce grant vote passed by an overwhelming majority: 99.28% of participating vVSP holders voting in favor of the proposal.

The OpComm team was thus authorized to distribute the grant, which occurred this week:

Result: The very first DeFi-powered hedge fund in history is now underway.

Read all about it in Blockworks’ story:


Vespernaut-built Buyback Tracker

Vespernaut m4ri0ml launched a web application this week titled the “Vesper Buyback Balance Tracker” available at The app tracks in real time the current fees generated by the Vesper platform that are waiting to be used to purchase VSP off the open market and paid to vVSP holders. (Review the Vesper Revenue Model.)

m4ri0ml received a VSP bounty for his contribution. He is also the maker of the VSP / vVSP Calculator.

Matthew Roszak on CoinDesk TV

Vesper co-founder Matthew Roszak appeared on CoinDesk TV this week discussing a wide range of topics including Dogecoin, the LINK pool, and the the Blockforce collaboration.

Bug Bounties via Immunifi

The Vesper bug bounty program via Immunify went live on May 6.

According to Immunify:

Rewards are distributed according to the impact of the vulnerability based on the Immunefi Vulnerability Severity Classification System. This is a simplified 5-level scale, with separate scales for websites/apps and smart contracts/blockchains, encompassing everything from consequence of exploitation to privilege required to likelihood of a successful exploit.

Vote For Whitelisting UNI / USDT Pools Passes

The proposal to whitelist UNI (Uniswap) and USDT (Tether) as deposit assets to Vesper pools has passed with a 99.11% approval among vVSP voters. UNI and USDT made a lot of sense as the next two assets to list, as they are both Top-25 ERC-20 tokens.

Voting took place by vVSP token holders who chose to participate. Take a look at the full vote snapshot and details.

Participation in community votes will only become more vital as Vesper grows and decentralization progresses. If you didn’t participate this time around, please keep an eye out for future opportunities to vote.

Vesper Insight of the Week — vVSP Holder Growth

This week, focus is on the growth of our vToken holders (excluding vLINK holders because of the recent launch), based on our Vesper Dune dashboard.

On average, the increase in holders per vToken has been 184% from March to May, showing healthy growth over the last two months. vVSP has been the biggest gainer in terms of holders, over all periods. Over a two-month period, we saw an increase of 345%, going from 1364 holders to over 6,000.

Vesper is attracting new users over all pools, and the growth of vVSP holders means that many of those newcomers are staking their rewards actively in the vVSP pool, turning part of all vToken holders into vVSP holders. This shows high interest in the Vesper revenue-sharing model.

In addition, because the absolute increase in vVSP holders is bigger than all other vToken-holder increases combined, liquidity providers seem to stake their VSP rewards for that same purpose of getting a share of the revenue, together with users that are buying VSP on the market.

If you want to see this data and more displayed in beautiful charts, head over to the official dashboard.

Odds and Ends

The good folks at Virtual Bacon have given the Vesper team permission to snip and share excerpts from Jeff Garzik’s audio AMA from a few weeks ago. Here’s the first:

You can see future excerpts over the next week by following this playlist.

0xHolland once again delivers:

Keep up with Vesper on:


Vespernauts Michael, Mikey, Simon C., Holland, and Green Jeff contributed to this report.

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