How to buy eggs in My DeFi Pet?

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Part 1: Connect to Kai Wallet

To buy Pet on website

Step 1: Click on the link below:

Step 2: After accessing the web, the interface will be as shown in image

Step 3: Download Kardia Wallet on Chrome Web Store, connect to Kai wallet to be able to buy items

Step 4: Login KardiaChain Wallet


Step 5: After connecting to the Wallet, you must top up DPET Token to be able to buy Pet.

1 Egg = 3 DPET

Fact: Epic Egg and Event Egg will be available for sale after the game is launched. Let’s wait for the official version! Stay tuned!

BSC wallet is in the process of fixing errors, please patiently wait for further update!!

Part 2: Connect to Binance Smart Chain wallet

To buy Pet on Website

Step 1: Click on the link below:

Step 2: After accessing the web, the interface will be as shown in image.

Step 3: Download MetaMask Wallet on Chrome Web Store, connect to the wallet to be able to buy the item.

Step 4 : After successfully downloading the MetaMask wallet, this interface will appear:

Step 5: If you already have a wallet, please enter it, if not, create a new one, below is the instructions on how to create a BSC wallet: Click on your own Secret words to complete the procedure . Then create your own password

Step 6: After completing the above steps, you will create your MetaMask account. And here is how to connect BSC to DPET:

Step 7: Click on the avatar as shown in the picture to enter the settings

Step 8: Select Networks

Step 9: After entering the Networks section, Fill in the same information as in the picture to connect MetaMask with BCS

Step 10: After successfully saving, the recording will appear like in the picture, next go back to the DPET home page to buy eggs to connect with BSC wallet.

Mobile trading platforms have also been tackled:

And it’s all done.

Hope you guys have a great experience with My DeFi Pet ♥

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STEP 1: Install Chrome / Brave or other chromium browser on computer, laptop.
STEP 2: Download KardiaChain Wallet Extensions for browser at:

STEP 3: Click “Restore wallet” on KardiaChain Wallet’s start screen if you’ve already had your 12 seed phrases (you can use the same seed phrases for Trust or Metamask wallet) then import your wallet to KardiaChain Wallet account. In case you have not owned a wallet you can create a new one with 12 seed phrases (remember to keep your seed phrases safe).
STEP 4: Go to:

click Connect KardiaChain Wallet button
– Buy normal eggs > Use KAI Wallet
– watch your pets at MyDefiPet > My Pets > On KardiaChain

2 ways to buy:
Opt 1: Create KardiaChain Wallet (for those who do not have KardiaChain Wallet or ERC20/BEP20 wallet before)
Opt 2: Buy eggs with DPET (for those who’ve already own KardiaChain Wallet)

— –

You can use the KardiaChain Wallet with ~ 10,000 times cheaper transaction fees than bsc, the processing speed is less than 5 seconds to play My DeFi Pet instead of bsc wallet where BSC transactions fail and high transaction fees,
Buy DPET KRC20 on Nami Exchange (no KYC required)
Note: buying DPET on Nami is an alternative solution before the launch of KAIDEX.

Appstore / Google play store / Google chrome extension: search KardiaChain Wallet
Appstore / Google play store / web: search Nami Exchange /

Instructions to use KardiaChain wallet on the browser to buy eggs:

When creating your wallet, make sure to save the 12 seed phrases or write them down on paper and keep them carefully (if you lose 12 seed phrases, you will lost your wallet and cannot recover).
You need KAI to pay transaction fees, KAI KRC-20 purchased at Kucoin, bilaxy, gateio, coinone, vndc, nami. All other exchanges still using the old KAI ERC-20 have stopped trading onchain.
As I see, KAI withdrawal fee at to KardiaChain Wallet is the lowest and requires the minimum withdrawal 0.11 KAI. After buying KAI, you withdraw to KardiaChain Wallet address.
Note: you only need to buy 1 KAI to pay a lot of transaction fee (0.00019KAI / transaction)

Instructions to buy DPET on Nami exchange

Sign up for Nami Exchange

Then buy USDT at Binance or anywhere then transfer to Nami Exchange (Network TRC-200 to withdraw / deposit for just $ 1 fee).

Buy DPET with this route:

Then transfer all DPET to KardiaChain Wallet (note: this is DPET KRC-20, cannot be transferred to trust wallet)

Once you have DPET and KAI in your KardiaChain Wallet, Connect your wallet to My DeFi Pet web and you can buy eggs with your KAI wallet for super cheap fees.

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