[Announcing] Belt Finance- Autofarm Partnership

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We’re excited to announce a new strategic partnership between Belt Finance and Autofarm.

Autofarm is a leading yield aggregator and DeFi suite. The Autofarm ecosystem consists of 3 main products; a cross-chain yield optimizer which automates yield farming for users, AutoSwap DEX Aggregator which provides users’ with the best swap rates and an intelligent portfolio manager/ tracker (farmfolio). Autofarm vaults are live on both Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Huobi ECO chain (HECO) with the other products set to go cross-chain soon.

By combining our resources we believe this new partnership will bring benefits to both Belt.fi and Autofarm. The following some details of what is to come:

  • Belt Finance vaults support on Autofarm
  • Collaboration on Belt Finance multi-strategy vaults with Autofarm as a strategy protocol
  • Belt Finance and Autofarm will collaborate on cross-chain expansion and optimization

Belt Finance has established itself to be one of the largest DeFi protocols on BSC in terms of TVL. To continue growing and improving Belt.fi, we are adding reliable, innovative partners. We are really excited to grow the BSC ecosystem and DeFi world together with Autofarm.

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