BDP Data Market in Public Beta

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📢 Testers, assemble!

Right on 🎯, the BDP Data Market is in public beta on the Rinkeby testnet. We will announce when it goes live on Rinkeby.

We are inviting the BDP Community to test it out!

Trade datatokens, provide liquidity, consume datatokens and tinker with all the Data Market’s functionality.


What’s in it for me?

Be among the first to test drive the Data Market and see it in action!

A) 3 testers who post the greatest gainz during the beta testing window win a big BDP prize.

B) Other testers who participate and share their testing gainz will be entered into a raffle to win rewards. Up to 10 lucky winners will receive 50 BDP.

C) We will reward well-documented bugs reported in our main Telegram channel at our discretion.


When can I test?

Begin: Thursday, April 22, evening US EST

End: Testing window will remain open until we are confident in the Data Market’s performance and reported exceptions.

Exact times will be announced via Twitter.

How do I participate?

  1. Register using this form. You can register at any time while the testing window is open.
  2. Follow @bigdataprotocol on Twitter
  3. We will send you Rinkeby ETH and test BDP tokens on the Rinkeby testnet
  4. Access the Data Market (beta)
  5. Follow the Tutorials to Connect to the Market, Trade Tokens, Add/Remove Liquidity and Consume Datatokens.
  6. Play hard as you trade, stake and use datatokens. Make the test BDP tokens work for you — maximize your earnings 💸 💸!
  7. Share your thoughts by tagging us on Twitter. If you find a bug, report it to moderators in our Telegram with screenshots. We will pay bounties for serious, well-documented bugs at our discretion.
  8. When we announce that the testing period is over, reply to our tweet with a screenshot of your BDP gainz to be entered into the raffle. We will award prizes to the top earning wallets, raffle winners and bug bounties over the following week. You must be registered in order to win.

Keep in Mind:

Big Data Protocol will publish every dataset in the test Data Market.
The datasets in the testnet Data Market are for testing purposes ONLY and are only sample datasets. Our Data Market, once it goes live on mainnet, will feature commercially valuable data.

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