v2 Guide: Migration from venus pool to 4Belt Pool

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With the v2 update, to go to the new 4Belt pool, you will need to manually move your assets from the venus pool to the new pool. This is a guide on how to do so.

At the bottom of the website you will see the two “Belt LP Staking” pools. First click on the venus pool. You will see an image as such.

The first step to remove your funds from the venus pool is to press “UNSTAKE”. When you do so, you will have to pay BSC gas fees.

When this transaction is confirmed by BSC, your funds will now show in the VENUS BLP BALANCE section.

You now have to remove your balance in the Remove Liquidity tab to a stablecoin or combination of stablecoins. Of these two options there are pros and cons.

You can:

  • Take out with a single stablecoin (“MAX” a single token)
  • Take out a combination of stablecoins (“COMBINATION MAX”)

If you take out a single stablecoin, you might experience a little more slippage but will save a lot on gas fees. As such, this is probably the best choice for the majority of issues.

For this guide, I will max out BUSD and withdraw that.

First click “REMOVE LIQUIDITY”. Then choose any stablecoin to “MAX” or click “COMBINATION MAX”. Then click “Remove Liquidity”.

After paying the gas fee and when the transaction is confirmed. You will now have that stablecoin in your wallet.

Then move onto the 4Belt Pool.

First, go to the Add Liquidity tab.

Then choose any of the 4 stablecoins or a combination of whatever you want. (NOTICE: Keep in mind that inputting a combination of stablecoins will incur a much higher gas fee.

Then add the liquidity, confirm the Tx in your wallet (you will have to do this twice the first time you use this). And then finally, your 4BELT BLP Balance will show. You then press stake and then you are finished.

My first time doing this, after maxing out BUSD, I must click “APPROVE BUSD” and confirm that before continuing with the transaction.

You then click “ADD LIQUIDITY” and confirm that transaction in your wallet.

At this point you should see something like this.

You then press “STAKE” and you’re all set! Get ready to start earning awesome APR on your stablecoins through Belt.fi!

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