Krystal From KyberSwap Launches With Band Protocol Integration

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Krystal, a new decentralized finance application consolidating all DeFi services under one roof including exchange aggregation, lending, and portfolio management built by the team behind KyberSwap launches with integration of Band Protocol oracles. The integration team at Krystal has integrated the Band Standard Dataset which provides price feeds for over 196+ symbols spanning across digital assets and foreign exchange — Band Protocol is the most widely used oracle on the Krystal platform.

Krystal is a new decentralized application with an immersive and frictionless DeFi user experience designed to save users time, money, and effort by consolidating the best DeFi services under one roof. KyberSwap, initially incubated at Kyber Network as separate entities, maintains close ties to the Kyber Network ecosystem and has integrated the Kyber DMM protocol alongside other decentralized exchanges to bring substantial liquidity to users.

Creating Enhanced User Experiences With Decentralized Oracles

To create reliable infrastructure that unifies the strongest use-cases and applications of decentralized finance, it is imperative that Krystal uses a highly reliable and accurate reference price data.

We are delighted to work with Krystal to integrate the Band Standard Dataset to support over 196+ price feeds for digital assets and foreign exchange with custom denominations to accommodate for user geography and preferences. This will be directly implemented on the decentralized exchange aggregator and integrated lending services to empower users to create highly informed decisions without manually referring to external sources of information.

With over 196+ feeds on the Band Standard Dataset, Band Protocol is the most widely used oracle on the Krystal platform and integration-ready to support new asset additions, custom token lists and future products with speed to market.

Next Steps

The aggregation of decentralized exchanges and lending platforms is only the tip of the iceberg for Krystal. The team has many innovative features lined up including a DApp browser, liquidity provision mechanisms among many others kept in stealth (for now). Band Protocol is proud to work with Krystal to provide secure, decentralized oracles upon launch and into the future as the platform scales to be a one-stop-shop for all things DeFi within the rapidly evolving and growing industry.


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Launching Krystal

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