RAMP V2 Vault on Binance Smart Chain Now Live! *User Guide Inside*

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We are happy to announce that RAMP V2 Staking Vault is now live on Binance Smart Chain.

As the Binance Smart Chain has a block time of ~3 seconds compared to Ethereum of ~13 seconds, the per block rewards shall be adjusted accordingly.

The BSC V2 Staking Vault shall start with rewards of 0.46 RAMP per block, taking into consideration the lower circulating supply in BSC compared to Ethereum, and will be dynamically adjusted to provide similar APRs vs ETH V2 Staking Vault.

The BSC V2 Staking Vault is compatible with the upcoming rMint rollout on BSC.

User Guide To RAMP V2 Staking Vault on BSC

A detailed guide for users migrating, or new users staking is provided below.

RAMP Vault

Step 1: Visit https://appv2.rampdefi.com/ and connect either Metamask(Binance Smart Chain)or BSC wallet:


Step 2: Approve contract:

Step 3: Once approval is done, proceed to stake in RAMP BSC Vaults to earn rewards. Please ensure that wallet balance contains RAMP BEP20 and BNB BEP20 (For gas fees). For Portal guide on how to teleport your RAMP between ERC20 and BEP20, please read more here.

Join the RAMP DEFI Community

Backed by world-class investors, RAMP DEFI is a global decentralized finance solution that focuses on unlocking liquid capital from staked digital assets. Using the RAMP solution, users with staked assets can continue to receive staking rewards, retain capital appreciation potential on their staked portfolio, and unlock liquid capital to invest in new opportunities at the same time.

The total staking market cap as of today is over USD300 billion, and as the industry-leading solution, RAMP DEFI has a vision of unlocking USD1 billion or more in “Total Value Unlocked (TVU)” for users by end 2021.

Users who wish to access the RAMP token may do so on:

If you are interested to follow RAMP DEFI and get in touch with the project team members, you can participate and receive timely updates from the following official channels:

For partnerships, media or other collaboration opportunities, please email: [email protected]

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