Introducing the Autofarm Dashboard

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In just a month after the announcement of’s acquisition, we are thrilled to share that users can now track their assets natively on Autofarm with’s intelligent portfolio dashboard!

User interface and experience are core to Autofarm’s beliefs, and we feel that yield farming and portfolio tracking should go hand-in-hand. Hence, Autofarm has integrated farmfolio’s portfolio manager so users can farm and track their assets all in one place. We are proud to be the first yield optimiser to have a portfolio manager built directly into its platform.

Getting started

By simply connecting your wallet on Autofarm (bottom left), users will be able to access their very own portfolio manager under the new Dashboard tab. All asset data from Autofarm has been integrated automatically on the intelligent dashboard for tracking.

Autofarm’s native dashboard

With farming, rewards, and portfolio management all consolidated into one single platform, toggling between different applications is no longer necessary which increases convenience and efficiency for users. Moreover, this native tracking service is complimentary for all user holdings on Autofarm.

Dashboard features

biswap was developed by @iam4x after finding that existing portfolio managers lacked certain vital metrics such as tracking data over time. To solve this, farmfolio was designed with the following set of tracking features.

  • Overall wallet holdings across all farms and pools
  • Automatic monitoring of staked assets
  • Individual farm and pool assets across different protocols
  • Asset portfolio in USD or token value
  • $AUTO rewards in USD or token value
  • TVL, APY, and token (including LP token) prices over time

How compares

There have been a plethora of projects on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) in recent months, yet many existing portfolio trackers provide limited to no support for platforms and wallets running on BSC. Autofarm’s portfolio manager was built to support BSC-based projects and is already supporting multiple BSC platforms. In line with Autofarm’s vision of becoming chain-agnostic, our portfolio manager will also be able to track farms and pools across different blockchains in the future.

farmfolio’s supported platforms

Portfolio management is a powerful tool that should be accessible to all. That is why Autofarm users can access the service at no cost. Tracking assets on other supported BSC platforms such as Venus, PancakeBunny, MDEX, Beefy or PancakeSwap will only cost users a one-time fee of $10 for access to the full range of tracking features. This is a fraction of the price that other portfolio managers in the space currently charge.

User experience is another area that was not compromised on. Portfolio data is often not presented to users in a way that is simple and intuitive to understand. Autofarm’s portfolio manager was designed with the end-user in mind. The dashboard is sleek, dynamic, and instinctive to use for the full spectrum of yield farmers, from beginners to experts.


We are excited to finally unveil what @iam4x has been working on over the past month. There is much more in the pipeline for Autofarm’s native portfolio manager that users can expect including new features, more farms & pools, and supported platforms. Below is a roadmap for farmfolio in the upcoming months (which will be added to Autofarm’s revised roadmap):


  • Venus borrowed and pending rewards balances
  • Automated farm updates for Beefy, PancakeSwap, and PancakeBunny
  • Vault details such as transactions, LP pair breakdown, and impermanent loss


  • Redesign of homepage
  • Tracking for more platforms


  • Tracking of ACryptoS farms and pools
  • Currency conversion in EUR, BTC & BNB
  • Display all farms rankings

The endless support of our community has continued to be a driving force for us to continue building and bringing users great products. Stay tuned for more updates!

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