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Wade Prospere

Apr 8 · 3 min read

We’re excited to announce that Opyn v2 will move to 0x v4 on Thursday, April 8 at 10am PT. With this move we are aiming for gas savings for users executing options trades on Opyn!

What are the primary benefits of 0x v4?

0x v4 is the most gas-efficient DEX protocol. Users that transact on protocols that use 0x v4 should expect more competitive liquidity and gas savings.

0x v4 is automatically upgradable. Thanks to its new architecture, the protocol will be able to iterate more quickly based on what the market needs, including the options market, without having to wait for the next 0x version

What Opyn Users Need to Know

If you have active limit orders on Opyn, those orders will not show on the Opyn v2 front end after the move from 0x v3 to 0x v4 on Thursday April 8 at 10am PT. Limit orders set to expire after April 8 will still be active. Users can cancel active limit orders or let them expire.

Full USDC Liquidity Mining details here.

Due to 0x, placing limit orders on Opyn is free — the taker of the order pays fees. For a step-by-step tutorial on how to place limit orders on Opyn, see this article.


What Developers Need to Know

Ropsten will be the testnet of choice since it connects with 0x v4. Opyn contracts will remain on Kovan, but you will only be able to trade with 0x v3 on Kovan, and only while 0x still supports v3 trading on Kovan.

As Opyn makes the move to v4, 0x API /swap endpoints will automatically begin to access liquidity at more competitive prices. This will make it easier for devs to access oToken liquidity.

If you have any questions, please reach out in the #dev channel on Discord.

If you’re a dev and you’re interested in building on top of Opyn, we just launched Opyn Ecosystem Grants with $150k in USDC! If you need idea inspiration, check out these project ideas!

Opyn Community

At Opyn we value our community and we strongly encourage anyone to contribute in improving Opyn. There are several ways you can contribute:


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