Month in Review — Nerve Finance | Site redesign, new pools, and audit.

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We launched Nerve a month ago and the future of France is looking brighter than ever. We’ve always aimed to democratize DeFi by making it accessible and cheap for all frenchmen. Let’s take a look at some stats from the past month:

  • $42M in TVL ($32M in the stableswap LP)
  • $140M total trading volume
  • 568k NRV burned permanently
  • 8M NRV vested(27% of circulating supply)
  • 3.8k total transactions

We’re not stopping though, always BUIDLing more. Today we’re launching our new site redesign.

  • Preparing for expanding beyond 1 pool
  • Dedicated page for xNRV
  • Displaying daily, weekly, and yearly APR & yearly APY
  • An intuitive design that simplifies the trading experience for new users onboarding onto the BSC ecosystem

In addition to rehauling our site, we’re taking steps to make Nerve the most accessible stableswap on BSC. We’re reducing our deposit fee to 0.1% and temporarily dropping our trading fee from 0.04% to 0.01% for the next 4 weeks. The BSC ecosystem is growing at an incredible speed and fee reductions will let us take advantage of this new wave of users and onboard them to our Nerve ecosystem.

Aurelius and I have never been more excited for the future of Nerve. These next few weeks are going to be incredible:

  • Our smart contracts are being audited by Certik
  • We’re launching BTC and ETH pools
  • More ecosystem partnerships to be announced (we got added to Matcha & 0x last week 🎉🎉)
  • Expect some big changes to our forum and governance 👀
  • Meme competitions incoming 🥖🥖

Don’t get nervous 😜


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